Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bornman(n) Bombshell Falls On Deaf Pro-Media Ears



It is now noon on the day after Keith Fraser told us about the AnneMac-assisted de-redacting of the Dohm-blackened search warrants.


So far....


Should we be surprised when we've got folks like the good Mr. Good running around covering his own, as well as his listeners', ears, eyes and mouthpieces?

(will be interesting to see if MSmyth, now in the CClark timeslot, still has the jam come 12:35pm).

(Update: Mr. Smyth goes with Brad Zubyk...Wow!....A self-admitted FedLib flack-hack commenting on goings on ProvPolitics....Ya, that's the way to get straight to the heart of the matter of a breaking story involving a coven of FedLibs doing a two-steps with FedCons who are running for the exits screaming that the Fire in the building is all in their heads....Or some such thing)



Anonymous said...

more crickets at mikes show to,seems to me every time there's news on the rail front,there's, on cue a gang shooting every single time,can you order one up just like that?I'd bet if anything was up with the ndp,this Gang shit would take the back burner.

Anonymous said...

The TC has Fraser's article on the front page, above the fold.

Grant G said...

Smyth got the memo from Corus...Leave poor little Crusty Clark alone.

RossK said...



VTC is on it for sure....My point is that so far it's Fraser and only Fraser.


(btw...Mr. Kieran appears to have thrown his former partner completely under the bus...post comin')