Monday, December 13, 2010

Gosh! Sure Hope Nobody Sprains An Ankle (Or Worse) Jumping Off The C.C. Express



It would appear that Mdme. Justice MacKenzie has finally done the right thing.

Here's what we were waiting for, from Keith Fraser, in The Province:

A key Crown witness in the Basi-Virk case says he began giving cash to former ministerial aide Dave Basi in return for political favors soon after the 2001 provincial election and nearly a year before beginning to pay bribes in the B.C. Rail scandal, say court documents released Monday.

Eric Bornman, then a lobbyist in Victoria, told police that he believed he first met Basi and Basi's co-accused, Bobby Virk, in 1999 in a "political capacity," the documents say.

"Subsequent to meeting, Basi and Virk became important political allies of mine and social acquaintances," Bornman is quoted in an interview conducted in April 2004.

"I also proceeded to, there was an exchange at that time of political favors, prior to the B.C. Liberals forming government, in 2001."

Bornman says that he, Basi and Bruce Clark, the brother of Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark, entered into "casual discussions" around the possibility of a government relations communications practice.....

And that's just K. Fraser's lede....

Go and read it all.

Right now.



Here's the thing.....

Why on earth did PK and the High Flyers switch horses at the last minute and take the chance?

I mean they could have ridden Big Rich all the way to the finish-line and been safe.

Were the fo-gro numbers for Ms. Clark so high-in-the-sky that they just couldn't resist?


Did they figure they had to try and keep as many folks as possible in the fold to try and limit the damage?

This, I think, just became a very interesting race.

And personally, I have my binoculars trained on the jockeys, the trainers, and the owners (ie. not the horses).

(and apologies for mixing, mangling and mutilating all the metaphors...was just too difficult to resist)

I always wondered what turned Mr. Bornman so fast, and so hard, way back when. Well, I guess, perhaps, that now we know....
Given that he knew all about this from the start, how could SP Berardino have possibly played so coy all those years?...Me thinks, perhaps, it is time for the real tough questions to start because NO ONE is protected by sub-judice, real or imaginary, now.
Of course, to underestimate the resourcefulness of the High Flyers would be a mistake...I wonder what their strate(r)gy will be...Unleash the Fang first, backed with threats of litigation to anyone who attempts link a billion dollar indemnity strawberry sundae big meal deal to a coating of double-chocolate fudge-dipped strategic advice perhaps?....
Update: 11:00pm Monday....And now it would appear that the K. Boessenkool's jump from the train earlier today is being used as deflector spin....Ian Bailey, as is his wont, plays the straight-man once again (note: on Mr. Bailey's byline that this came out AFTER K. Fraser's piece quoted above).



Grant G said...

Mr. K...This is what you call twofor...

Christy Clark is done, and...Mike De Jong`s chances are now cooked two...

Which leaves the Birdman, Bobblehead and what`s her name..Stonewall,uhh..Stilwell.

Can`t wait to see the next polls.

Cheers..Keeping my Eyes on the Prize

RossK said...

We'll see Grant.

Clearly the PK's High Flyers must have a counterspin strate(r)gy in place.

After all, if I'm not mistaken, today's hearing was scheduled some time ago.


Grant G said...

The dog ate my homework won`t suffice.

This document makes De Jong out to be a huge fibber too.

There won`t be anyway to stop an inquiry, any BC Liberal leadership candidate who says no to an inquiry will have guaranteed a loss.

Remember, there are many more documents to come.

I suspect that someone in the BC Liberal caucus who isn`t AS TAINTED made this happen

Politics, a blood sport, Christy and De Jong are now bleeding profusely.

How Billy (GOOD) is their cornerman?

RossK said...


You might be right about the insider....


Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't there be more to come here?

After all, this is only info pertaining to the good Mr. Bornman(n).

(ie we have not yet learned anything about the search warrant pertaining to the good Mr. Clark)


Grant G said...

Perhaps it`s only the.... Opening salvo, giving Ms Clark, like Bin Laden, a chance to get away first.

Kinda like...I dare you, you couldn`t, you wouldn`t...You will, uhh...OK.

Someone`s bluff has been called, only there is no bluff.

"Only Pocket Aces"

Good Day

Norm Farrell said...

Ross K, note that Bornmann said,"he and [Brian] Kieran tried to dissuade Basi from that idea."

Is that the same Brian Kieran who began a blog and wrote: "When this information was first made public -- about five years ago -- my Victoria-based staff and I were stunned and blindsided."

Perhaps, after five years, Brian had forgotten.

North Van's Grumps said...

“When public debate becomes focused on one person, instead of what is in the best interest of British Columbians, we have lost sight about what is important,”

“When that happens, it's time for a change.”

Gordon Campbell, and now he's standing in the shadows.

Will Christy Clark do the same?

Will Mike de Jong do the same?

Anonymous said...

Mike McDonald, CC's new campaign manager, is married to Jessica McDonald, formerly Campbell's senior deputy minister.

Gary E said...

Norman you are exactly right. I think that Brian deliberately tried to attempt damage control for himself. I never believed that he was "shocked" that bribery was taking place in his company. What kind of fool would own a company where he didn't know what was going on?

G West said...

Well, it is nice to know that it wasn't just Martyn Brown who had been suffering from faulty memory syndrome.

Perhaps we could have the whole cabinet submit to hypnotism in order to help them recover their memory...I mean, look at everything they've missed.

ArC said...

Say, since he never did give any testimony and since he never has even been charged (as far as I know)...

Why aren't the prosecutors going after Bornman now?

ArC said...

My mistake, I'd forgotten Bornman got an immunity deal.

( )

Anonymous said...

Who clinched the dastardly deed, of the corrupt sale of the BCR? Who else could have, would that not have to be Campbell? The election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale, was Campbell's dirty tactic. He was the only one who could, have sold the BCR. It seems, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, was tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge, who favored brain dead witnesses. Is it any wonder, BC is the most corrupt province in Canada? Campbell and the BC Liberals, are the worst, corrupt, governing officials that even the WW11 veterans, can ever remember. Our young Canadian boys, were blown to bits, and shot to hell...So we wouldn't have someone like Campbell, in our country.