Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Return Of The Original Stealth-Con....



I'm taking the weekend videos back late yesterday....

'School of Rock' for littler e. for the 317th time (although I've gotta admit I can never get me enough Linklater mixed with Jack Black's eyebrow roll) and some early Apatow (kinda/sorta failed TeeVee version) just for the heckuva it.

I like to spread my video rentals around to the independents.


When I came out and crossed the street by the Chevron station and looked up at the backside of the 7-11 I couldn't believe it.

There she was.

Bigger than life and/or the latest cup of Type-II Diabetes from Timmy's.

On the billboard.

Deborah Meredith......

Does this mean the game is now, officially, on?


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