Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ya, But.....Will He Get Any Last Minute Calls On His Cell..


....Telling Him Which Way The Leadership Vote Roulette Wheel Should Spin?

Sean Holman of PublicEye is reporting that stadium-roof builder extraordinare, Mr. Kevin Kreuger, is one of only two sitting party MLAs who gets to play in the BC LibConLeadership Committee sandbox:

Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Barry Penner has been appointed to the provincial Liberals' leadership vote and convention committee - which is responsible for planning and organizing both events. Mr. Penner, who is a lawyer and was named to that post yesterday, is one of two MLAs on the committee - the other being Social Development Minister Kevin Krueger. The Liberal leadership vote is scheduled to take place on February 26.

Good to hear the LibCon Party Party is keeping all assorted and sundry communications lines open at all times.


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