Friday, December 10, 2010

Damning The Amazon With Not Even The Faintest Of Praise



That's right.

A bizarre commercial reverse leak of 'analysis' of previously self-sensored WikiLeak cables at has been plugged.

By our good friend Alison.

Please note: the qualifier 'analysis', above, was added after the fact based on a comment from 'cosmicsync' here.



cosmicsync said...

Not the cables themselves, but analysis of the cables. Allison corrected that after Amazon changed the product page to explicitly state the book does not contain the text of the cables.

Amazon are still hypocrites and should be boycotted, not only to send a message but because they can not be trusted. How do you know they won't decide it's in their business interests to suspend *your* web presence by pulling your site from their hosting services.

Given the USA PATRIOT act is still in effect, you would have to be crazy to entrust your data to a US corporation regardless. Amazon has simply demonstrated to us what we can expect from any of them.

RossK said...

thanks cc.

Will make the change.


Alison said...

Hi Ross. Only just saw your link to me at The Beav. Tah!

It's back up again today - with the revised product description including the disclaimer - and accompanied by a bunch of new outraged 'customer reviews'. Posted there is Daniel Ellsberg's scathing letter terminating his Amazon account, encouraging a boycott, and suggesting Amazon insiders leak the details of Amazon's "cowardice and servility" to WikiLeaks.

Go, Daniel.