Monday, December 20, 2010

And The Zeitgeist Smiled And Said It Was Good...


Together on the same mutally agreed-to, non-destructive, but highly instructive, sidebars.

Would'a thunk it?


If Sean Holman were to add these guys to a brand spanking-new (really, really) rabble-rousing panel with, maybe this guy thrown in the middle to mediate, I'd double my subscription like, yesterday.

And, despite the fact that the newfangled 'r,r,r-r panel' will not likely happen anytime soon for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that the ghost of Clare Copeland would likely break into the CFAX studios and threaten to burn the place to the ground if somebody didn't pull the plug in favour of a whole lot more Bing b/w The Chairman of the Board, well.....That is no reason not start sending Mr. Holman money (for reasons that have been clear from today's earlier posts) immediately....OK?
And by the way....The linked-to post about the late, great Mr. Copeland is from Tom Hawthorn's fine blog that archives all his Globe pieces and has a little bit more....Mr. Hawthorn is also one of the few local scribes who has, at least in my opinion, a Twit-Feed worth following because he is a bit of a polymath like Mess'rs Beer and Willcocks mentioned above....Heckfire!...Perhaps T. Hawthorn himself can ride with the New Rabble-Rousers of the Purple Sage also....


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