Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Did The 'Reasonable' BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Hire Avowed Tricksters?


The company behind Rob Ford's successful Toronto mayoral campaign is now working on George Abbott's leadership bid, Public Eye has learned. Campaign Research Inc. - which, until recently, included Mr. Ford's now chief of staff Nick Kouvalis - designed the mayoral candidate's campaign plan and was responsible for his voter contact operation.....

".....(Nick) Kouvalis’ value to Team Ford is indisputable. He is, after all, the genius who tested the term “gravy train” on focus groups before writing it into Ford’s speeches.

His post-election boastings on how he tricked John Tory out of joining the mayor’s race left other political spin doctors shaking their heads. But like him or not, Kouvalis is one of the only people able to dictate terms to Mayor Ford and his councillor brother Doug.

The political strategist worked on Frank Klees and Christine Elliot’s failed leadership bids for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

He is the same aggressive campaigner who was charged in July 2005 with uttering a death threat after allegedly telling campaign workers that he would kill Essex MP Jeff Watson with his bare hands if he thought he could get away with it.

A Windsor judge later acquitted Kouvalis, saying there wasn’t enough evidence he actually meant what he said....

Brett Popperwill, Toronto Star, Dec 10, 2010

And while we're on the subject (and done sifting through the invaluable Public Record/Racing Form fodder that is Public Eye's archives one more time).....Why is it, exactly, that two of Progressive's principals are riding BC FedLib Liberal Leadership Horses 1 and 1A?



kootcoot said...

"......'Reasonable' BC Liberal Leadership Candidate.... "

You must be conducting an oxymoron Master Class with that headline. I think Bobblehead Abbott learned that by bobbing his head he could fool people into thinking he was reasonable.

Though you have a point in that he seems almost reasonable compared to Brownshirt Falcon or Cluck Cluck.

Rob Ford will probably find himself just another unpopular incumbent long before the next election - indeed, things could get so bad in Toronto once his bluster gets boring, that he might pull a Sarah Palin and resign mid-term, to go on a speaking tour in an attempt to replace our hero Stephen Harper or just get rich!

RossK said...


The assumption is that Mr. Ford won by sucking up the Don Cherry-lovin' suburban vote....Have you seen a breakdown on that?

If true, it seems to me that it is one more reason why super-cities are super-stoopid.