Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Does Rich Coleman's 'No' Tell Us Something About The Real Numbers?

Boss!Boss!!The Plane!!!

It's hard for me to imagine that it's just Rich Coleman's big heart that is keeping him out of the LibCon Leadership Party Party extravaganza, as noted by Tom Fletcher in the Black Press:

....Coleman said he had plenty of support among MLAs, enough money pledged to run a leadership campaign and an airplane donated for his use.

"I just gotta go with my own heart, and I just thought it wasn't right," Coleman said, citing his family.....

Me thinks, perhaps, that the man who is so politically astute that he and his 'guys' could probably open an institute may have seen some real, cold hard numbers that had him catching a view of a flickering image of Rita Johnston's coiffure surrounding his mug when he looked in the mirror this morning.


But here's the real hard-boiled politickin' question.....

Where will all of Mr. Coleman's super fine social media file makers fly away too now?



Anonymous said...

That could very well be Ross, however I believe Rich Coleman has established a lot of contacts in Casino Land and decided that a future cushy job would probably make more sense.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

As a member of Cabinet, Rich Coleman, like the rest of the Executive Council (that also means "Members"(MLA)) will have to wait TWO years before he/they accept any offers from the Casino or any one that Cabinet has had contact/dealings with.

paul said...

I don't have any real idea why Coleman made the decision.
The notion that he lacked caucus support seems probable. Coleman seemed to end up with implausible ministerial responsibilities based on his interests - housing, income assistance, gambling and liquor sales was one of the odd examples. That might rankle those treated less kindly.
It might be that polling numbers showed the public hadn't warmed to him.
And I've wondered how all the potential candidates have assessed the risk of winning, losing the next election and being dumped by the party (after a grim stint in opposition).
But it's also not hard to imagine a potential candidate having a nice family evening and deciding that there are more pressing priorities than being premier.

RossK said...

Paul said:

....."And I've wondered how all the potential candidates have assessed the risk of winning, losing the next election and being dumped by the party (after a grim stint in opposition)...

That is precisely what I was thinking about combined with truly rigorous polling numbers....Despite the fact that I don't agree with him on a lot of things (although I do think that he, in a number of ways, has tried to do the right thing in housing) I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Coleman is a really astute politician that can both get things done and work with more than just his base.


Dana said...

I just don't see the NDP getting their shit together sufficiently to hold the lead they have now.

You know the (so called) news media here are going to plump up and paint the corpse of anything even vaguely resembling the BC Liberals.

They're going to be made to look like the brightest, sparkliest, slinkiest, slickest babe in the brothel long before the next election.

In their turn the NDP will be made to look like the frowzy, moralizing, disapproving, finger shaking old fashioned church lady.

No matter who the respective leaders are, really.

I don't see anybody in the NDP ranks with the charisma or,lacking a more politically correct concept at my fingertips, the personal power to overcome the clear (so called) news media bias.

My money would be on the BC Liberals being re-elected.

Not that it matters a great deal, really.

There's absolutely nothing a provincial or state government can do about where the world is headed.

Anonymous said...

The guy doing all of Coleman's media stuff? Jordan Bateman. Township of Langley councillor, was president of Coleman's riding association, weekly guest on the Cluck Cluck show.

Jordan ain't going anywhere, unless Rich tells him to.

PS Rich got booed at the local May Day parade in his constituency this year. Again (happened last year too).

RossK said...

I fear you may be right Dana.



Mr. Batemen and I have had disagreements over his work on the web before.

More specifically, I have no problems with his upfront work (note the sub-header to his post). However, I do take umbrage with his previous use of what is, in my opinion, Astroturf, pure and simple.