Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Big Red Elephant In Ms. Clark's Blues Room


This morning, on Public Eye Radio, members of the Rabble-Rousing panel had the guts to ask a question that Gary Mason, in another of his classic Ron Obvious pieces in the Globe yesterday, did not.

Which is the following:

"Did RailGate have anything to do with Christy Clark's 2004 resignation from Gordon Campbell's BC LibCon Cabinet?"

(if you want to hear the discussion it will come up on the last 10 minutes or so of the Pod, here)

Ian Reid is kinda/sorta wondering the same thing:

...It’s well known that Clark’s campaign team and fellow travelers reads like a witness list in the Basi Virk trial: Patrick Kinsella, Jess Ketchum, Mike MacDonald, brother Bruce Clark, ex-husband Mark Marissen, Pilothouse supremo Brian Kieran.

And it’s well known that Clark herself was a likely witness. She had taxpayer paid legal representation at the trial in expectation of her being called. No wonder she goes all grumpy when people raise the issue of a public inquiry......

{snippety doo-dah}

....According to the first of two affidavits filed in court by Executive Council lawyer George Copley backup tapes from 2003 and 2004 containing cabinet member emails were ordered destroyed in the month before 2009 election by an unnamed official.

Copley thought the order had been carried out and the tapes and emails were no longer available. In a second affidavit correcting the first, the official responsible revealed that some tapes did not make it to the crematorium. The rumour is that Clark’s emails are amongst those retained and made available to the defence through the special prosecutor and the Executive Council’s counsel.....

{snippety doodle-dandy}

....The other cache that has been rumoured is a week by week series of notarized memos to file, documenting who told who to do what on the file. These memos are also rumoured to be very revealing about many politicians.....

Things could get interesting if any of that previously disappeared cache were to, suddenly, you know.....


We wrote a heckuva a lot about the 'ordered' Email destruction at the time, which you can read all about in this thread if you like....It is important to remember that this willfully ordered destruction occurred in the MIDDLE of the last election campaign...You know, the election campaign during which The BCLibCons were also NOT planning to introduce the HST...
And in related news, it actually does look like that more FedCons, at least one of which has done some really hard time in that Pen, have lined-up on Ms. Clark's side of the ledger than have FedLibs.....Which could be ironic in the extreme if it turns out that things have actually swung the other way for idealogue-con-aligned redmeat-eater KFalcon.....More on all that later...



West End Bob said...

In light of all the BC Railgate dirt that keeps surfacing in christy's garden, are we still
glad she's running?

Or will the dirt make kevin-the-birdman look squeaky-clean?

'Tis a puzzler, RossK . . . .

RossK said...


For me the answer is a most definite 'yes'.

For three reasons:

1) It makes it all the more likely that the proMedia and the public will not be able to ignore the ignominiously-engineered, not to mention despicable, end to the RailGate (go back and read the names in Mr. Reid's opener for starters).

2) It really does raise the spectre that Heavy Kevvie will have to get nasty which will make all those soft-fuzzy, weird tousle-haired 'kinder-gentler' "The Falcon-Is-Actually-A-Frosty-The-Snowman" ads irrelevant (and why, pray tell, are the image makers forcing both CClark and KFalcon walk around with bed-head do's all day long anyway - can someone in the business explain that one too me?).

3) It allows folks like us (and maybe even a smattering in the proMedia, people like the Sean Holman's rabble rousers and, dare I suggest it, Rod Mickleburgh in the Globe) to lay out in detail how the FedConLib conspiracy really works in Lotusland.


West End Bob said...

All good points, RossK.

Gotta admit, BC politics may not be pretty, but it's damn sure never dull . . . .

ArC said...

Ron Obvious! Love it.

Hey, remember those "It's Gary Mason's Vancouver" ads? The really sad thing is... it actually could be some day.

kootcoot said...

Excellent points Ross re:Crusty and Kevvie.

Frankly though anyone other than a total unknown from nowhere, or a famous outside "known" (and Diane, Carole and Mr. Furlong have all passed on being capo) carries lotsa baggage from the last decade's crime spree - and the heavyweights in caucus who haven't stepped up are really lightweights with cabinet titles (like Lake, Krueger and that ilk) or under (or should be under investigation/prosecution) (like Heed, Les, Thornwaithe).

If the NDP can't come up with a leader that can beat this bunch of handlers of embarrassing/incriminating baggage and/or nobodies, they truly don't deserve to govern.

I just thought of the ONE candidate who could save the Libs for sure, but I am not gonna mention any names here, because I don't want to be giving away any ideas to the bad guys - also I would think/hope this "saviour" would decline to run for the party of "evil" and greed! Maybe I'll drop you line Ross, with this mind spasm that just occurred.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberal ministers and mla's, are all tainted by Campbell. They supported Campbell's, highest number of children living in poverty. You have to be very sadistic to, support such a thing as, our BC children, are too hungry to do their school lessons. They back up Campbell's corruption, such as...De Jong blatantly covering up, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. It is said, Christy Clark and family, are involved with that corrupt sale. As far as I am concerned, the rotten BC Liberal party, should be dissolved, never to be heard of again.