Friday, December 10, 2010

Travels With My Beer....


....'N Hockey.

Read all about 'em, from bottom to top, starting here (using the 'newer post' button at the very bottom on the left).....

I particularly enjoyed the entry from the travelogue that starts like this:

"....There are people from Ontario in our hotel. They look just like everybody else but it is easy to tell them apart from our fellow travelers. Sonja noticed the difference before I even mentioned it. After she silently observed a gaggle of Ontarians carrying on yesterday she elbowed me and said, "Those people are drinking more than us. Are we losing our touch?"....




Rick Barnes said...

Maybe, i drink more beer now that i am in Ontario... ;) *belch* whoops, sorry for that

RossK said...

Mr. Barnes!

Send me an Email would'ya....I'd like you ask you about the 'Dissident Hypothesis'.