Monday, December 06, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But....


...I Think I Actually Want Christy Clark To Run.


Update: Monday at noon....Carole James resigns.....



Now that Dipperians of all stripes and level of dissent have decided to take a little extra time to sign, seal and presumably deliver their mutually-agreed self-destruction pact it would seem to me that if Kevin Falcon is able to re-brand himself as the tousle-haired leader of a 'New Generation' of FedLib/Con Fake Fusionistas, unopposed, we will be doomed.

And I'm talking doomed for at least six years and probably (at the very least) 60 new P3 Pavement projects that will bankrupt us for, like, ever.


Meanwhile, Sean Holman is predicting that there will be no announcement from Ms. Christy 'You-Can't-Steal-An-Election-In-A-Democracy' Clark today, Monday Dec 6th.....



Anonymous said...

How much of BC Hydro's 10% / year rate increases can be attributed to P3s?

West End Bob said...

Your premise makes a lot of sense, RossK.

I'm out of the country in the land of palin-pals checking in on BC politics from afar.

It appears the Dippers have a death-wish. Perfect opportunity to clean up after the LINO's disintegration only to self-destruct themselves.

As I regularly tell my USian thinking friends: "doomed. 'f'n' doomed I say . . . ."

Dana said...

Bad news Ross.

Doesn't matter.

The BC NDP are done like dinner.

Almost doesn't matter who the Libs choose. The dumb-ass dippers have committed sepukku over nothing.

This is a party that deserves no one's vote, irrespective of what political ideals one might hold.

The lesson they have just taught all of us is that they don't know their ass from their elbow.

Is there any other lesson?

In 30 easily understood words or less?


Is there?

Anonymous said...


Now that Carole's resigned, as of 11 am this morning, the NDP will have the choice of a real leader, instead of another wimp like Carole.

I'm certain the Liberals, such as 9:14, would have loved for her to stay.

Dana said...

I have bad news for you anonymous. I'm not a BC Liberal, have never been a BC Liberal and have no plans to become a BC Liberal.

Just as I was never a SoCred.

In this province I have always voted NDP. When I lived here in the late '60s and early 70's and again now.

But the current NDP crowd have just demonstrated the most egregious level of political stupidity I have ever witnessed in my 40 some odd years observing politics in this country.

I'm sure you don't believe so and I'm sorry you think my being highly critical of them must mean I'm a BC Liberal.

I don't believe the party will be able to reconstitute itself sufficiently or in time to become a viable alternative by the next election.

And none of it had to happen. None of it.

Stupidity like this beggars belief.

RossK said...

Thanks for the highly enlightening info Anon-Above Dana.

But if you wanna come here and fling dung on other commenters you might want to make sure you know what the heck you're talking about.

Here's the thing,,,,,.

This is not one of those sites where you can pull hit-and-run smears.

And if you do we will call you on it.


Now - Despite the fact that I wrote this post before Ms. James resigned, I'd still like to ask why, specifically, do you feel that an unopposed KFalcon is better than one that gets beaten up by his 'own' side?

Thanks again for stopping by.


kootcoot said...

Why is everybody buying into the Vaughn Palmer, Keith Balderdash BS that choosing a new leader signifies the death of NDP in British Columbia? Paul Ramsey and others whinging that it will take ten years to rebuild the party - pure bull leavings!

It appears to me that it is the BC LIEberal Party that is in disarray. They are the ones with a leader, who even though he has announced his resignation won't go away, and who is still running the show and the province into the ground. No one other than Campbell clones and those with a history of aiding and abetting him in his decade long pillaging of the province to benefit his friends are willing to step forward to claim his chair.

If the NDP can select a leader who can merely pick low hanging fruit which abounds in the LIEberal closet and inspire the electorate with a coherent vision as simple as "We won't LIE REGULARLY or steal everything you used to own" the BC liaRs are toast.

As good of a person that Carole James undoubtably is, she hasn't been able to provide effective opposition for seven years now, much less win elections, one of which was her's to lose - so new leadership is the best way to insure we don't have to suffer the reign of Kevin or Christy the Terrible - either one of whom would likely wipe the floor with Carole James, just as the most hated man in BC has done twice.

Carole's big mistake was to not insist on a renewal of her mandate after losing in May of 2009 and now the NDP appears to be paying the price - after all, it is completely unrealistic to expect to lose two elections in seven years to a lying drunk crook and not at least be subjected to a leadership review. Ask Stephen Dion about that!

I know that Carole has had to deal with a super pro-Liberal so-called media plus the PAB - but the fact that she hasn't been able to get around them in order to get her message out (if she even has one, because it certainly hasn't been clear to me what it is, if she does) proves that we need someone else to defeat the powers of darkness and greed that are the BC LIEberals.

If anyone has been paying attention to say the new mayors in Calgary and Toronto or the demented Teabaggers in the US, it should be clear that so called party cohesion and party politics as usual just isn't cutting it with the voters these days, which also explains why less and less people tend to show up every time an election is called. A candidate with an articulate message that resonates with the electorate and the ability to use modern means of communication to get that message out will win any election today or next year and personally I hope it is an NDP candidate rather than someone to the right of even the Gordon Campbell party - but the clear message that resonates will prevail whether it is honest and/or logical or not!

With the ten year crime spree the LIEberals can't run away from, the attack ads write themselves for every so far declared candidate and especially the one that will apparently declare tomorrow. Leaven that with a positive vision that makes sense and let the Howe Streeters back the ones they own already - they got the money, but they don't have the votes (and the real LIEberal constituency (or beneficiaries) can't even vote because they are offshore shareholders of GE, Accenture, Maximus and the rest of the vultures that have been feeding on our misery for the last decade.

North Van's Grumps said...

You've got your wish RossK.

Former Deputy Premier Christy Clark just threw her had into the circle to become the next Premier of BC, and I'll say it again, she has an unfair advantage over all contenders because of her stint with the radio station.

Its one thing to run for the Leadership of the BC liberals, its quite another if Campbell is giving up his seat as an MLA solely because Christy Clark needs a seat to be the MLA. Ms. Clark will have an unfair advantage over all contenders because of broadcast distribution that she has had all these years.

RossK said...



Now let the cage match between the Falcon and Pat Burn's spiritual Granddaughter begin!