Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Of The Companies That David Basi Brought To The Pilothouse Table...


....Is Now Known As Western Forest Products

More solid gold from Keith Fraser's report on RailGate court documents released yesterday:

".....(never called Crown Star Witness Eric) Bornman told police that at the time the payments to Basi began, he was heavily involved in the Paul Martin federal Liberal leadership campaign and so his recollection of events was not as good as it was at later times.

From the latter half of 2001, following the May 2001 landslide election of the provincial Liberals, Basi referred two other clients to Bornman and Pilothouse, the Victoria lobby firm he helped run along with Brian Kieran, another Crown witness.

He said a company called Hydroxil Solutions and Doman Industries were referred to him after Basi was approached by a New Democrat who wanted to know a good firm to use in dealing with government....."

And since 2004 Doman Industries, after restructuring, has been known as Western Forest Products.

Hmmmmmm......where have we, and Ida Chong, heard that name before?

Oh yes, we, and we can only presume Ms. Chong's constituents, remember now (with an assist from a Victoria Times-Colonist editorial from April of 2008):

The provincial government and Community Services Minister Ida Chong have looked after the interests of Western Forest Products and large landowners along the Island's southwest coast over the last 14 months.

But they have ignored the concerns and interests of Capital Regional District residents. Government has enriched the forest company's shareholders while obtaining no public benefit. It has sabotaged community-based regional planning, damaging the interests of south Islanders.

Forest Minister Rich Coleman set things in motion early last year. He agreed to remove 28,000 hectares of land owned by Western Forest Products from the company's tree farm licences, an area about four times the size of Saanich.

It was a great gift to the company. Under the tree farm licences, Western Forest Products had to manage the property as if it was Crown land. That meant higher forest sustainability and environmental standards and permanent limits on raw-log exports. The licences also required the land to be maintained as forest, protecting the future of the industry and blocking development.

The company, or its predecessors, had been compensated handsomely for including the land in the tree farm licences. But Coleman negotiated nothing in return for releasing the land -- no compensation for taxpayers, no parks or community consultation.

His only explanation has been that WFP asked for financial help and he delivered. He has yet to release any economic or community impact studies......

Isn't that special?



Anonymous said...

And along the same line, whereby a logging company now sees itself as a land baron....... with BCIMC "helping" hand...


Victoria, British Columbia, April 15, 2010 – British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (“bcIMC”) announces that it has acquired, through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, control of an aggregate additional principal amount of $6,893,300 of 9.0% convertible debentures (the “Debentures”) of TimberWest Forest Corp. (the Company”), as a result of the Company making three quarterly payments of interest in kind in accordance with the terms of the Debentures acquired by bcIMC on February 11, 2009."


Anonymous said...

We also should not forget Rich Coleman's connection with Western Forest Products.

The lands belong to Western Forest Products, where Coleman’s brother Stan Coleman works as a manager of strategic planning.



Kim said...

I wonder how much forest land we actually still control? If any. When the smoke clears on the Liberal books, we are going to find that he has sold our grandchildren into slavery.

kootcoot said...

Kelly Reichart related to Campbell, Doug Walls related to Campbell, William Berardino former law partner of Geoff Plante and Seckel. Coleman and Coleman - does it ever end - do you have to be "in the family - for BC to be the best place on earth?"

Anonymous said...

Well, Christy is running on a families first agenda....


RossK said...

Oh boy....The Warrants are out....in full!

Stay tuned.


RossK said...

Thanks Anon, Kim and, as always, GAB for the helpful questions and info....

Off lookin'


kootcoot said...

Amended (ie Corrected Christy agenda)

Crime Families First!

My fantasy scenario is Crusty Clark wins the liaR leadership - Gordo steps aside in Point Grey so Crusty can run for his seat - Crusty loses bye-election! \

Knowing the LIEberals though, she probably would continue to call herself Premieress until May 2013!

Anonymous said...

How many Liberal ministers, have been under investigation, during Campbell's time in office? I actually lost count. Why is Christy even in the race for replacing Campbell? If she and her family are up to their necks in, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR? That makes no sense. Besides which, she is just as bad as Campbell is. Christy also won't have the citizens of BC's support either. Or, is she the best, out of all the other evils? Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, is certainly rearing it's head. My x-mas wish is, there is a blanket recall of the BC Liberal mla's, after x-mas. There is very little left of this province, that hasn't been destroyed by Campbell and the BC Liberals. The entire scurvy lot of them, must be driven right out of our province. BC is terminally ill, it will be a tough fight, to try and salvage what is left.