Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RailGate Remainders: Our Top 10 Lingering Questions We Would Like Answers To...


Number 10.

Last August, back when all matters pertaining to RailGate were apparently still before the courts, two members of the dastardly Bloggers Cult, Laila Yule and G.A.B. went down to view the proceedings and were the first to report on an item that was later confirmed by Camille Bains in the Canadian Press.

It had to do with an issue raised by defense lawyer readings from personal diaries that were allegedly written by then Pilothouse principal, and current blogger and frequent radio talk-show guest, Mr. Brian Kieran.

Here is what Ms. Bains had to say in the (very) public prints:

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Aug 21/2009) - Emails to and from a political insider show he had a strong relationship with CN Rail, suggesting the company was pegged to win the bid to buy Crown-owned BC Rail, says a defence lawyer.

Michael Bolton told a B.C. Supreme Court hearing Friday he wants to cross-examine Patrick Kinsella about his connection to CN Rail while he was also a consultant for BC Rail.

Bolton read a string of emails from between April and May 2004 showing Kinsella was the conduit between top-level executives for both BC Rail and CN Rail and a senior B.C. civil servant when the sale seemed to be in jeopardy.

"The way in which (BC Rail) gets answers to CN Rail is to go to Kinsella rather than directly to CN," Bolton said in a hearing related to fraud and breach of trust charges against three former government employees.

Bolton, who is defending one of the accused men, said the trio were tasked by their political masters to keep a third company in the bidding process to make it appear that the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail wasn't rigged by the Liberals.

Bolton also said lobbyists at a Victoria firm called Pilothouse, which was representing Denver-based OmniTrax, a third company bidding for BC Rail, had also known about Kinsella's involvement with CN Rail while he was working for BC Rail.

"Kinsella working for CN," said an Aug. 19, 2002 handwritten note in a journal kept by Pilothouse lobbyist Brian Kieran, defence lawyer Kevin McCullough told the court......


Here is a question that we would most certainly like a very public member of the proMedia to ask the good Mr. Kieran:

"Did you ever state that Mr. Patrick Kinsella worked for CN Rail in 2002.....

... Yes or No?"


Why does this matter?.....Well, we know for an absolute fact that the good Mr. Kinsella, a fine, fine fellow who once worked on Mr. Gordon Campbell's election campaigns and who is currently working on the BC Liberal Leadership campaign of Ms. Christy Clark, worked for BC Rail at the time in question.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful day with GAB it was.... here is the post in question with our observations.

Grant G said...

I would like that question answered, only I would phrase the question like this....

"Mr. Kinsella, you were Gordon Campbell`s campaign manager in both 2001 and 2005, in between leading Campbell to victory did you work for both CN Rail and BC Rail in any capacity at the same time"

YES or NO!

Of course if I could grill the bastard myself......

"Your honouur, permission to treat the witness as hostile!"