Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"We Are Different Than The Other Guys....


...And Our Values Unite Us"
John Horgan, BC NDP Caucus Member
Responding to the innocuous bleatings of The PuffMaster Flash
Tues Dec 7th, 2010



Grant G said...

We are different....Who could stay mad at us?.....I even offered an olive branch to our disgruntled but articulate voices..

Gee Father Ross.....Three "Hail Marys" and a gold piece into the spittoon do I get forgiveness?....

Ahh...Never mind


G West said...

Didn't seem much like an olive branch to me Grant...I'm not mad at you, not mad at the Maoist 13 either - I'm just sad that the people of this province who need help haven't got a tinker's chance in hell of getting it now.

The Right wingers play hardball Grant and we've just thrown a bean ball at the hardest working and longest serving volunteers and workers the party has. Now we're going to have to go into an election - likely sooner rather than later - with no money, disgruntled volunteers and a divided caucus.

We already have the media, the Public Affairs Bureau, Craig James and the support of every corporate kleptomaniac on the block throwing mud at us - now we're made ourselves into a public 'joke'.

Even if Carole James 'had' to go - and I don't think she did (at least there's no empirical evidence that cuts the mustard for me on that account), this was hardly the way to do it.

John Horgan apparently doesn't include good common sense and loyalty, not to mention a bit of logic and some careful tactical planning and organization, as among the 'values' which unite us.

I got my car washed yesterday at a place that employs a number of local first nations people...they thought of Carole James as one of 'theirs' and they weren't too happy about whats happened to her either!

Funny how that works - you think you're solving problems and in fact you may just be creating bigger ones.

Grant G said...

I politely disagree...Get Stuffed...The poutfest is at Reid`s place..Bring your own Kleenex.

The horse left the barn...Move on or get left behind!

G West said...

Y'know Grant, friends aren't that easy to find....but they're very easy to lose.

Cheers buddy. Never have been any hard feelings on my part.

Which doesn't mean that real friends don't tell you when they they think you've gone off the deep end.

Grant G said...
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Tony Martinson said...

Ian Reid has worked for decades to make British Columbia a better place.
Grant, you're just some anonymous jagoff who likes to take potshots at people from the safety of his computer.

Rod Smelser said...

G West

I got my car washed yesterday at a place that employs a number of local first nations people ...they thought of Carole James as one of 'theirs' and they weren't too happy about whats happened to her either!


No kidding!

I have been anticipating this ever since I read in the Tuesday G&M that over that fateful last weekend Albert Gerow was beside himself with anger at the barbaric treatment his wife was getting.

This kind of thing isn't going to last years it's going to last generations.

Dump James MLAs like Lali, Coons and Austin who have significant Aboriginal populations in their ridings can try to get on the phone, visit, do whatever. I think it's way too late for them UNLESS they had lined up prior clearance some time ago. If any one of them had, Gerow would have known, and wouldn't have been that shocked. Saddened of course, but probably somewhat resigned to it and therefore less emotional.

Is there any chance that either Tieleman or Holman had the wit or simple sense of decency to remind these guys to even make that attempt as an essential courtesy? And really, how could any one of them have needed to be told, "Hey, you've got to do that step first"?

RossK said...

Mr S.--

I hear what you're saying.

And I think that it is reasonable to ask that question of Mr. Tieleman given his apparent active role in this.

But why the shot at Mr. Holman?

He wrote an editorial and gave an opinion. Isn't that the way things are supposed to work?


RossK said...

Grant and GWest--

Please remember that these are not The Tyee comment threads.

Grant - I'm fine on you commenting on anyone's actual actions- but I won't allow name calling which is why I removed one of your comments above.

(apologies to all concerned for being so slow on this - I was away from the keyboard for a few days)


Rod Smelser said...


I think it's quite obvious, just from the public domain, that Tieleman and Holman were both very much the real authors of the James Mutiny. They prepared strategies and talking points and made predictions which, voila, became reality.

Other things have happened. Holman removed an item which made it obvious which particular MLA had sent him privileged information, because that MLA was one of the dissidents and he didn't want to leave it hanging out there as something that could cause embarassment or friction now that it's officially time to be nice again.

Grant G said...

OK Ross K...It`s ok for your people to bash me, Tony, G West, Reid, Shreck...

What do they have in common(Carole lovers)

Your bias is shining through.

Your fairness is waning......You allowed the PAB hate blog dedicated to me too linger on your comment threads..

You defend other`s right to bash me but not a two-way street!

That`s ok Ross...The cry babies need all the help they can get...

I offer reasoned debate and they...BAWAWAWA..boohoopoutcrysnivelwhineintheircornflakes....Just because G West is personal friends with Carole...

That doesn`t change the facts or make her immune from scrutiny or dismissal!

And you aiding certain name callers, playing favorites...

Good Day

Tony Martinson said...

This is all so Lord of the Flies. You've got a proud non-voter telling someone with decades of history in politics to get lost at Ian Reid's place. And you've got a over-the-top (to be nice) blogger berating a couple of the most sensible progressive bloggers (that means you, Ross, as well as Norm). I'd love to believe that our values will eventually unite us, but as long as this neener-neener-neener stuff goes on, I fail to see how any unity is possible.

Grant G said...

You can read this and call her names too?


Grant G said...

And it appears that David Shreck is back on his game.


RossK said...


My bias?

What the heckfire is your point here?


Before you answer....think hard about what really went down.

Do you honestly believe that this was a grass rootsian 'We have to remove Carole or we'll lose' kind of thing?

And I'm not talking about the wishes and desires of outsiders like you or me or Laila, because those, as I have stated many times, I have no problem with.

Instead, I'm talking about the wishes and desires (and perhaps fears?) of insiders who helped orchestrate this thing.



RossK said...

Rod S--


Thanks for the clarification on why you included Mr. Holman.

Much appreciated.

I wonder, though, if, perhaps, it was actually nothing more sinister than an effort to protect a source.

Can you send me the details off-line?

Email is:

pacific gazette (all one) at yahoo dot canadian domain.

You can also get to the Email from the profile page

Only being careful here because it was recently hacked by phisher-people....