Monday, May 21, 2012

After An Apple Pie And Ice Cream...

...Along About Three In The Afternoon.

After sitting in one place working on a science geek paper most of the day, I decided to fill a bowl with the stuff that Road dreams are made of and have a listen to some of the sounds that Bigger E. and I recorded yesterday when I took a break from the plumbing.

OK, not really plumbing, just washer-changing to stop drips and stuff.

Or so I thought.

I mean, have you seen the contraptions they put inside taps these days?

And every single one of them is different from kitchen to bathroom sink to bathtub, etc.

So, anyway, I had to go back to the darned Rona (used to be) Revy place, where somebody knowledgeable actually took pity on me and helped me find the right springs and levers and O-rings that allowed me to go home and take care of most things.

However, I drew the line at a $40 faucet handle to replace the wobbly one in the kitchen. Instead, I decided, at least for the time being, just to switch it for the one in the basement which is used way less often.

But I digress....

In between trips to the tap store E. and I played for a bit.

The tune I've been working on, tentatively titled 'The State Of The Golden Era', is a polemic that still needs some work, but I think my kid helped me get it into a nice midpoint between the clipped, rapid fire delivery of the composer, Phil Ochs, and the dirge of that Vedder guy, which I like just a wee bit better, but cannot myself quite pull off.

Anyway, what you'll get if you hit the link above is just a snippet/draft of things to come.

The plan now is to get the tempo right and get the multi-tracking going so that I can add a couple of bells and whistles.

And, for the record, I blame Don F. (in a good way, of course) for starting me down the knob-twiddler road.

All right.

Enough of this sitting around pretending my pie and ice cream was hatched in the deepest hearts of Iowa's darkness and light.

I've got cells waiting for me in the lab that need feeding too.

Gotta go!



Anonymous said...

This posting is one of the reasons why I enjoy your blog - you make it personal. Thanks for sharing your life and here's to the great Phil Ochs! Happy pie and ice cream.

RossK said...


Here's to the late, great Phil Ochs, indeed!

(and thanks)


paul said...

Facebook post today

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RossK said...

Thanks Paul.

At the Rio, right down the street from us!


Rev.Paperboy said...

nice to see that you have been seduced into the world of home recording. We await the inevitable album.

Or at least get dad to spring for good mic and Rockband software