Saturday, May 26, 2012

Robo/Real Calls...If You Can't Beat 'Em....

...Discredit 'Em!

From Glen McGregor via his sushi-free O'Cit pro-blog:

With Elections Canada investigating both robocalls in Guelph and allegations of misleading calls in 200 other ridings, Conservative sympathizers are again alleging bias by recycling the urban legend about the agency’s notorious 2008 raid on CPC headquarters in Ottawa.
The story is the one enduring figment of a broader campaign the Conservatives and their supporters conducted throughout the in-and-out scandal in an attempt to discredit Elections Canada.
Though the Tories have taken a different less hostile approach to the agency over robocalls, some continue to trot out the four-year-old story that  Elections Canada tipped the raid in advance to CBC and/or the Liberal Party.
As recently as this week, Brian Lilley at Sun News Network was rehashing the story on social media, tweeting at me, “Mayrand said only 3 people knew about raid on Tory HQ yet Liberals and media were there to greet them with cameras” — referring to Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.....

Mr. McGregor who, it turns out, is a commuter cyclist (which, we're pretty sure, will soon be used against him in an upcoming whisper campaign for ethical chain grease) then explains what really happened.


E-Canada showed up at CPC headquarters and had to wait a half- hour before the  CPC staff arrived to let them in. Then, after another two hours, a CBC staffer got a tip the E-Canada folks were there. The first report hit the air an hour later.

Demonstrable falsehoods....

They're what CPC surrogates and screamers, with or without the Conan O'Brien hair, are made of these days.



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