Monday, May 14, 2012

How Much, Exactly, Does Fair & Due Process Cost In British Columbia?


...At a news conference at YVR (on her way out town), (Christy) Clark was asked what she’ll tell Asian business leaders about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which has attracted sharp criticism from environmentalists and First Nations.

“I will say to them, 'in British Columbia, if you're a private sector investor and you have millions or billions of dollars to invest in our province, we are going to give you the benefit of a fair, due process.

"I think investors are glad to know that there's a government in British Columbia that allows these processes to be fair, and that doesn't get into politics.”...


What about the four million citizens of British Columbia who don't have millions and billions?

What do they get?



Anonymous said...

I suspect we are out of luck.
Money talks- and........

Don F. said...

We get christy clarke and her christy party. I know not fair!

Anonymous said...

Gord Macdonald is going to tell us why we need to get rid of John Cummins and Christy Cluck. I would say he will tell us that it will be the only way to keep a kiss ass business friendly government. My word is that we can't afford another right wing government.

e.a.f. said...

Well I think Christie's comments are worth remembering when we go to vote. She is very clear who has priority in this province & it isn't the citizens who pay the taxes.

She will be giving priority to foreign nationals & their interests over & above ours. Now we need to put our own priorities first, that being us, the citizens, taxpayers of this province.

RossK said...

great point eaf.

Thanks all.