Monday, May 28, 2012

Stanley Cup Devil Worship.


Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, who has been on a hot streak recently, says it will be the Devils in seven.

Which means that, despite the fact that there are no Miroslavs playing for Jersey, this is the time when we should be hailing all Satans!

Speaking of which, here is a new musical version of said exercise in soul-cleansing blaspheming...

And do not forget, Mr. Darnielle himself is coming to Lotusland June 22nd at the Rio....Please be sure that you do not buy my ticket...OK?



kootcoot said...

In spite of the fact that Mr. Beer and Hockey is uncanny in his sports predictions (ie I'll Have Another), I'm gonna go with the Kings in five!

With the grand old man of goal at one end and the Quick prodigy at the other, I don't expect to see many goals and long gone Giroux of the Flyers might still be one of the scoring leaders of the playoffs when it is over.

lenin's ghost said...

devil worshipper rfom before they were devils hopes Mr. b&h is correct.........mainly to see M. Brodeur get another cup!