Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wednesday Night Music Without Clubs


Lauren O'Connell was part of the original late 'ought Rochester KidMusic mafia.

Then she moved west with those Pomplamoose grapefruit soda DIY freaks and she kept on keepin' on.

Anyway, awhile ago I bought her latest fan-funded album.

And here's the thing about this kid....

Not only can she play, and make pretty interesting video songs in the Jack Conte tradition...


She has a gimmick.

And it's a good one.

Which is that she can really write.

Here's one I like, done live.

And here is the studio version, produced by Ms. O'Connell herself.

It really is the new, new music business, I reckon, where people who are good at it can carve out a space, and (hopefully) make a living, doing it themselves.

Which is a good thing.



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