Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kicking The HST Can Down The Long And Winding Yellow Brick Road...


Kevin Falcon says there will be extra exemptions added to the PST later.

Why later?

Well, apparently, it because he simply doesn't have the space or time to deal with them now.

Or, put another way, paraphrasing what we imagine the Wizards behind the Birdman's curtain just might, perhaps, be saying:

"Actually, we haven't quite figured out what kind of targeted tax breaks we can give to those that need them least that will help us win the most electoral support in the game of demographic slice 'n dice that will begin in earnest when we roll out 'The Christy Party', v2.0, in the fall."

Sound too cynical to be even halfway true?

Are you kidding me?


As for the date - April Fools 2013, almost another whole year down the road....

Well, of course, that means good news they (think*) they can trumpet just as the election campaign heats up for real.

But there is something else, little talked about by the puffed-up pro-punditry so far.

And that is the fact this will allow the Campbell/Clark government to get through one more budget without paying back the remainder of the FedCon deficit reduction bribe that allows them to keep on spouting codswallop about what great and prudent fiscal managers they are.

*Personally, I think folks will be madder than hell when this is used cynically by the Christy Party to pretend they are really on our and Chris Olsen's side....Or some such balderdash...



kootcoot said...

Wow, these guys always lower the bar, even though it has been below grade for quite awhile.

If they had taken as long to implement the HST as they are taking to removing it (kicking and screaming) Campbell would still be Premier and Christy would still be on the radio.

I found it especially rich listening to Birdbrain talking about how any government now would have to deal with a lack of revenue, due to the loss of the HST, considering how revenue neutral it was touted to be, until that wasn't convenient anymore for the "save the HST" campaign.

These guys don't just lie when their lips are moving, they lie in their sleep!

Ron S. said...

A cynical move absolutely. I hope they don't think we're all as stupid as they are.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever.

The BC Liberals have been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, and dirty politics.

Campbell forgot to tell the BC citizens, he was working for Harper.

Campbell forgot to tell us, he made a mistake on his election promise. The BCR was for sale all along.

Same as Campbell's second election lie. He forgot to tell us, the HST was on his and Harper's radar all the while.

BC citizens will not forget the names: Campbell, Basi/Virk, BCR, Bruce Clark, Christy, BC Liberals, Enbridge, dirty oil tankers, diseased fish farms, the rape of rivers, Boessenkool. It won't matter a damn, if Christy changes the name Liberal. The same old people still support, the same old, evil Campbell and Harper.

Roy said...

How can you tell when a Liberal is lying..... They are lying when there lips are moving.

cfvua said...

Maybe they will remove the exemptions on "production machinery and equipment" which allows natural gas producers to bring in the some of the same goods tax free that non-production businesses pay PST on. You probably won't hear much about those kinds of exemptions and their removal as they could be, well detrimental to profits of course. Paying PST wouldn't be detrimental to BC bAsed natural gas producers cuz well...there aren't any and there never will be when outsiders always get the advantage of special exemptions and TILMA type strategies.