Friday, May 11, 2012

This Stop....IntegrityVille....Next Stop.....



"Where's the integrity when you're the minister responsible for public safety, and you rack up a string of speeding tickets as long as your arm?" Krueger growled.

"BC Place wouldn't be as attractive a site without a retractable roof. They (the Vegas Casino Company) might not be interested, and if they were, it would not be for the kind of financial considerations that they had put on the table."

"He (Vegas Casino Company principle, former BC Liberal Party political appointee in charge of casino and crap table oversight, and BC Liberal Party financial contributor, Mr. T. Richard Turner) felt that it would be beneficial to all concerned if I knew that that (ie. not pouring hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into a a retractable roof for BC Place) could be a deal-breaker and certainly wouldn't enable the same contract that they had in mind when they believed that there'd be a retractable roof on the stadium. That was the extent of it."

Here's a clip of Mr. Krueger demonstrating that his ubermost-integrity from the days before the Casino Industrial Complex deal went sideways and we, the people of British Columbia, were left holding the $600 million dollar bag.....


Clearly, based on Mr. Krueger's bizarre promotional appearances earlier this week, a brand-new season of BC Liberal Party spinoff sitcoms has begun.

And while Kruegertown! (which, by the way, is one of the finest examples of anti-[Norman]Learist-matter that we have ever seen) does not have Courteney Cox in the cast, the show's star is clearly dancing in the darkest circles of self-immolation that threaten to burn the entire BC Liberal Party Production Company complex to the ground for once and for all.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Meanwhile, the star of the Production Company's (late, late, way past) mid-season replacement, 'PoMoCoNoMo Shore',  remains as oblivious as ever when speaking of Mr. Krueger's promotional blitzkrieg bopp'n hops:

"He's not Mr. Politically Correct," (not)Premier Christy Clark understated. "He expresses his views on things, often without a lot of filter."



Anonymous said...

Kreuger is as dumb as a bag of hammer handles.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to hammer handles as they may be useful at some point, unlike Krueger (unless you are an NDP'r).
I would say more like "as useless as tits on a boar".

Anonymous said...

Actually, he's a prick with ears(sorry I couldn't help it. The people of Kamloops South have voted this piece of crap in three times, sure says volumes about them.

I am across the river where Terry Lake (the red crested media hoar) squeaked out a close win for the Liebrels.
During the last election he took great glee in tell us that Gordon Campbell was his hero.
We progressives in Kamloops have a horrible cross to bear. I don't whether everyone up here is on drugs or are just brain dead.

Kim said...

Laugh My Ass Off! :0

paul said...

Tourism Minister Kevin Krueger in 1997:
"Women in British Columbia will die because of gambling expansion; that's the prediction of our experts at UBC. Some 37 per cent of the spouses of pathological gamblers abuse their children. So children may die as a result of gambling expansion, and their blood will be on the heads of the government that expanded gambling and of the MLAs who voted for it. This is a serious, serious issue."
Kevin Krueger as the Liberals expanded gambling, including online betting:
Deadly silent.
Policies can change, but abandoning principles is a moral failure.

RossK said...


That, I presume, was from the Season 1 Premier of Kruegertown?

(thanks - I'd forgotten about that one)


Eleanor Gregory said...

Foghorn Krueger made the 'blood on the heads of government' statement when he was in opposition. He was first elected in 1996.

RossK said...


That, I further presume, was from the pilot.