Friday, May 04, 2012

RailGate Pickin' Up Steam Again....Throw The D.M. From The Train!



Update: It's Mr. Loukidelis.... And it's a resignation...More later...And, yes, we will return to our 'conversation' with Geoff Plant

Double-Secret Probation Update: More about what Mr. Loukidelis said about the Six Million Dollar Deal and when he said it, here....

Ian Reid is reporting, cryptically, that one of the two Deputy Ministers involved in the arranging of the Six Million Dollar Railgate pay-off is jumping and/or was pushed from the train. 

No word on which one, exactly.

Although there are whispers in the #bcpoli that do not contain either a G or a W.

No matter....We're pretty sure that which ever one it might turn out to be will hit the ground rolling....All snug and protected in a nice thick, heavily-wadded, net zero-free Michelin Man severance suit...



Anonymous said...

I first saw the news on the Vancouver Sun website and it disappeared from the front page as fast as I've ever seen an article go!
Here's the link -
An unfortunate turn of affairs for Mr. Loukidelis.

Anonymous said...

Oh - I see you've got that article already -

Thanks for the link to the article at the Globe & Mail.

This is it - a turning point - hold steady ~

Ron S. said...

Well the ship is sinking and the rats are leaving.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon and Ron--

More on this upthread.