Friday, May 18, 2012

The Work, The Workin', Just The Working Life...

....Of A Busker.

From a guy named Tyler Gregory who works and makes music, sometimes at the same time, mostly in Lawrence, Kansas.

First the words:

"...It was an ordinary day, walking to my regular spot to busk when I don't have a gig that night, and play music on the corner for a rotating crowd. When Jacob came over I felt excited about having another kid listen to the music. (Makes my day when kids dance to the music on the street... I already had a couple come over that day so it was already nice). However, unlike most kids that come up to me with curiosity, I felt so much energy coming off of him and I was completely overwhelmed. His hand on my leg was very powerful and about brought me to tears while playing. Not because he is blind or autistic.. but because of a connection I have never felt and one that is impossible to explain. Honestly, a feeling that came from my toes all the way up my body and surrounded me. I can't begin to explain it. I want to try to put it into words, but there is no way to tell how powerful his energy felt.

It was a powerful moment that made my day and reminded me of the good things in life. Reminded me why I love different interactions with people when playing music. Reminded me of how powerful music can be between two people. It also reminded me not to take things for granted, for most of us have it pretty easy in our everyday life. So, I just simply went home with a very big smile on my face that day, and a story to tell my close ones..

And now, all the explanation you'll ever need, the music making:

Just a short note of thanks to all the folks who took the time to comment on the last post....Sorry to have left you all hanging....Everything's fine...I just found myself losing my sense of humour with the poli-blogging...When that happens I've learned it's time to take a bit of a break from it to keep from becoming just another perspectiveless screamer which is no fun, and almost always counter-productive...Thanks again for the wonderful comments. That really was most unexpected.



Don F. said...

What a heart felt experience that must have been to have music effect another so. Busking is the most honest form to play music, no constraints, nobody pulling your strings, just you and what you do. I think the little fella felt that.
Thanks Ross!

Kim said...

Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Danneau said...

OK, here's my two bits. The perspective and how to keep it are really important parts of being an effective agent of change, but then, you obviously know that. My mother was an advocate of humour as a way to get across important ideas and also knew when it was time to back off a bit on the stridency scale (not that you're ever that way). Music is a great release, being out playing with a few friends, or alone in the "studio" downstairs, it makes little difference. I've also spent a lot of time shovelling manure around and running through garden beds with shovels, rakes and rototiller, pulling weeds and dropping seeds into furrows. This also provides a release and a point outside from which to look back into the cauldron. I guess reflection while bicycling is not such a good idea. So did you ever cross paths with Bob Hadley, or is that too much before your rime. So many days, he enlivened the plaza in front of the Student Union, and, boy howdy, did than man ever have some interesting perspectives turning over in hid head. Oh, yeah, Erica and the rest of the family often remind me that there are other things than the crap and corruption that surround us. I imagine that you get a word on that score once in awhile.