Monday, May 14, 2012

Are We All Family Day Now?


Don't know about you, but this codswallop about 'consulting' with British Columbians to find out what they really think about the difference between the 2nd and 3rd Monday in February had smoke coming out of my ears last week.

And I was going to write about it.

But a letter writer to the VSun from Vernon, Lloyd Atkins, beat me to it and said it much better than I ever could:

"...British Columbians are getting a chance to voice their opinion on which of two Mondays in February is the best day for the province's new statutory holiday.

Gee whiz, do you really think British Columbians need to be consulted on such a trivial matter? What a crock.

This is just another politically motivated diversion for smiley-face photo ops.

Why doesn't Clark ask British Columbians if they are in favour of an investigation into the BC Rail scandal?..."


If you think about this from the slice 'n dicing of the demographic point of view you can see what the so-called wizards behind the curtain are really up to (just think of those splits where the Snook is really in trouble - it has to do with the doubling-up of a certain chromosome).

And that's what really galls me.

Because these people are playing us all for saps, regardless the particular demo-label/barcode they have affixed to the forehead of each and every one of us.




Anonymous said...

Did this letter actually get published in the hard copy? If so, I'm impressed.


North Van's Grumps said...

Ian said...

The good thing is it isn't working. The site is just a place for BC Liberal members to nestle and feel good for a while, forgetting that the outside world exists. At taxpayers' expense, of course.

Anonymous said...

If Christy's mouth was bigger, she could get both of her feet in it. Who in the hell cares about another holiday, while this province and the people, are being utterly destroyed?

Since when has the Vancouver Sun, started bashing the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals? I canceled my newspapers, because of the treachery and bias, against the BC citizens.

RossK said...

I agree that it is not working....Not that those that buy ink by the barrel are noticing.

Ian - you saw the header above Ian Bailey's piece on the 'poll' today?