Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mr. Van Dongen Makes Good...


...By raising issues about the 'legal authorization' of the Six Million Dollar BC Rail Deal in the Ledge that we, and others, fussed about with Geoff Plant recently.

Ian Reid has the story:

...Yesterday he (Van Dongen) kicked off his (post-BC Liberal) campaign with a couple of interesting questions to Attorney General (yikes!) Shirley Bond (in the Legislature).
Van Dongen, citing the Financial Administration Act, blandly asked “which section of the Financial Administration Act or Regulations legally authorized the Deputy Minister of Finance to forgive and extinguish Basi and Virk’s $6 million liability?”
In other words, he asked Bond if her government had done the deal legally.
In the Hansard video you can’t see former Attorney General Mike de Jong whispering the answer in Bond’s ear but you can bet he was there, guiding the awkward minister’s answer.
Bond, like every other BC Liberal AG before her, stonewalled...

And Lew, we haven't forgotten your value-added info...Follow-up post comin'...
Paul Willcocks weighs in here....


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