Wednesday, May 02, 2012

But I Thought Mr. Olsen Was On Our Side?


From the VSun's JFowlie's latest FOI foray:

British Columbia taxpayers paid $67,298 for Premier Christy Clark to terminate her former press secretary, Chris Olsen.
According to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the $67,298 covers the entire severance for Olsen, including both salary and benefits. The documents did not provide a breakdown of payments.
Olsen was appointed as Clark’s press secretary on March 28, 2011 and was terminated Feb. 13, 2012. He was being paid $125,000.10 per year.
Olsen was replaced by Sara MacIntyre, who now serves as Clark’s director of communications....

Fired in favour of a Harp-Bot Fixer after less than a year, and then given essentially six month severance.


Guess it pays to screw up big-time when you're servin' at the pleasure of the (not)Premier.



Ian said...

Hey RossK
Having been tossed by the Liberals in 2001 I can tell you the policy is 1 month pay for 1 year of service. Either the Liberals changed the policy or broke it with Olsen's severance.

Anonymous said...

Mind you an employee who files for wrongful dismissal, sometimes makes shirt anyone?

West End Bob said...

Great post title, RossK ! ! ! !