Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The HST: Am I One Of The Stupid Ones....

....Who Is Still Waiting For That Big List Of Things That Are Cheaper Now?

After all, remember how all those corporations and businesses that are now paying even less of their fair share were going to pass the savings on to us in the wake of the tax shift onto the backs of those amongst us who can least afford it.


Where are all those savings?


Am I just being one of those more-dumber-than-dumb, but way-better-stupider-type voters for wondering about this kind of thing while I wait and wait and wait for The Birdman to get off his assssss....errrr...'perch' and bring back the PST?

And, just in case you missed it, Harvey O. really takes Mr. Falcon et al. to task for their duplicitous dragging of the Campbell-Clark-BirdmanNeverEndingHSTPromotionalHochsteinSuperPacParty-Party line on this one.....



Anonymous said...

The HST is just a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper. Hansen caught in a lie, finally admitted the HST radar papers were on his desk, long before the BC election.

Any fool can see, the HST is still killing this province. We just had another business close.

However, Harper and his henchmen, and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are the one and the same party.

Harper could care less about the people. The Campbell/Clark, so called BC Liberals, have done nothing for the people either. All they care about, is stuffing their wallets. Harper has placed one of his other henchmen, Boessenkool in with the so called BC Liberals.

Campbell twice lied to win, for two different elections. Harper is the only one, under investigation for election fraud and the robo-calls.

I have lost count of all the law suits against Harper. Some I can think of are, the robo-calls, Helena Geurgis, the Veterans. ICC Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is deciding to summons Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity. I am not sure, I think I read, some of the F.N. may sue Harper for, crimes against humanity too.

Both Harper and Campbell should be tried for High Treason, for what they have done to our country and our province. That dastardly duo are beyond even, sick and evil.

kootcoot said...

Ross, I heard a barber on the radio today talking about how he had to raise the price of a haircut when it became subject to the new HST. He said that if it goes back to the PST (assuming the same exempted items apply which is far from certain) with less tax he still WILL NOT lower his price, because he figures he deserves a raise just like the politicians and their staffers received.

In BC under the BC liaRs we get to enjoy the worst of all worlds, no matter what.

BTW, regarding your next post re: buy high - sell low, I have gone to the website that shows the current prices for spot power on occasion but had to stop because it was so sickening and blood pressure elevating! Of course when the IPP's do have lotsa product to sell, prices are at their lowest possible, during high water....these guys are skilled business folks, skilled at scamming only - money into the pockets of themselves and their cronies!

RossK said...


I can understand how the barber feels.

Poor guy, who I assume is not making a fortune, probably has to deal with all these extra user fees that really matter for those who are not.

Making a fortune, I mean.