Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gouged By A FedCon?


Turns Out That The First Cut Is NOT The Deepest.

Paul McLeod has the story in the Chronicle Herald. Here's his lede:

Federal budget cuts are actually twice as deep as advertised, says a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office.
While all eyes have been on the austerity measures in the 2012 budget, the PBO finds that cuts and budget freezes from 2010 to this year double the belt-tightening that departments are dealing with.
At the same time, the battle for information between the government and the PBO has turned up a notch.
Late last week, the government sent parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page a letter refusing to release details of budget cuts. Page said the letter, which his office will publish online today, cites privacy provisions in union contracts to say details cannot be released until long after the budget has been voted on....

Imagine that.


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