Friday, May 25, 2012

My Morning Ride...The CremeVille Weather Report...

...A Mix Of Sun And Snow.


Because the blossoms from those massive trees that line the residential streets out on the far western edges of Lotusland fall late.

Interestingly, when you ride your bike through Cremeville everyday you notice things you might miss when driving or taking the bus. 

And the thing I've been noticing lately are all the 'For Sale' signs in front of lots and lots of houses. So much so that it's really quite astonishing down in the Valley between Arbutus and MacDonald in the 20's.

Could the bloom really and truly becoming off the offshore investor rose?



If you are not reading Bob Mackin these days you are really missing out...He's doing some real digging on that most progressive of liquor distribution privatizations...What's really disturbing is that there appears to be a whole lot of expediency being spread around all over the place on this one...I think, perhaps, that Mr. Mackin is shining a little light on how the game is really played around here....I would start with his BIV piece for background and then work backward over on his very informative blog....

Harvey Oberfeld is rightly outraged....Again....This time it's about the Campbell/Clark/Coleman/Progressive Government's shutting down of the BC Utility Commission's hearings into BC Hydro....Mr. O. then asks how dumb the government really thinks the citizenry is...Which is fair enough, as far as it goes...However, I believe that this is the wrong question...In actuality I think the real question is.... 'How dumb does the government think the Lotuslandian proMedia is?'...Clearly, the answer is 'Dumb and Dumber'...Case in point, as Ian Reid pointed out, was the VSun's stenography....errrr...initial 'reporting' on the matter....Personally, I was even more disappointed in how CBC British Columbia swallowed the 'Coleman and Christy are saving us from evil rate hikes!' nonsense...Importantly, the Dean got it right...But, given how the Spinners played it forward through a couple of news cycles with their diversion that the public broadcaster and all the monopolies ran with because it fit nicely into a soundbite, I'm not sure stuff like real analysis even matters anymore...So...What's the real deal here?...Well, I reckon real public hearings would have resulted in the unveiling of charts like the ones Norm Farrell put together recently for all, including the proMedia's cameras, to really see...

Oh, and while lots of others in the Bloggodome are still doing good stuff on the Robo/Real call stuff regularly, Pogge's Friday morning round-ups are an excellent way to keep up....This week he explains how it is becoming increasingly clear that if you are not with the FedCons every step of the way they will call first call you a Poopy-Head, then a Traitor, then a GreedHead, and then, once the smearing is done, they will attempt to crush you and everything you hold dear...Or some such thing.

And finally...Before you leave, or open another window/site off the Blog Crawl, if you have twelve minutes to make your heart glow, go here and hit the little orange triangle....You won't be sorry.




Anonymous said...

BC Utility Commission's hearings into BC Hydro can continue.

Nothing is stopping the commission from carrying on as they still need to put together a plan for after the election.

The BC Liberals have said they have eliminated the commission's raison d'être, but the truth - as always with the BC Liberals - is quite different.

Eleanor Gregory said...

When my kids were little I used to call the fallen cherry blossoms "pink snow".

RossK said...


Fair enough.

But given that the Commission's power to make recommendations that are in anyway independent have been stripped away, well...

And don't forget its previous roll over for Bobby Kinder et al.


Ya, the kids and I once got caught in a pink snow blizzard on a blustery April morning. It was fantastic.


kootcoot said...

"Personally, I was even more disappointed in how CBC British Columbia swallowed the 'Coleman and Christy are saving us from evil rate hikes!' nonsense

But, but they're really smart, Stephen Smart!

RossK said...


The report I heard that I found most infuriating in it's stenoing and, worse, it's 'some say'ness was from Mr. Davies.


Anonymous said...

Chairman of the sidewalk - thank you for the link!

RossK said...


Isn't it fantastic?

Every neighbourhood should have some version of a Sinatra crooner and a tap dancing lady Friday night show every summer.