Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nickleback, Resurrected....

....It's A Miracle!

Or a PR pitch made in a perpetual purgatory that some call heaven.

Or a halftime show nobody wants to watch.

Either way, for Chad and friends it just may be their main chance to snag the coveted house-band role in 'Flashdance-Five, The Van-Phelpsing!' which will get them off the road to ruin for real.


By way of a somewhat popular blogger who was pointed to the source material at 'The Pitch' by a reader named Realist. 



Laila said...

Wow. I just don't even know what to say about that pic Rossk. It makes the bile rise in my throat.

RossK said...



With snark off, it becomes difficult for anyone who is rational, and who is able to put themselves in someone else's shoes for even one nanosecond, to take.


Danneau said...

Nickelback offends my sense of what constitutes honest music and strikes me as symptomatic of what's wrong with the way many of us "consume" music. But, as a result of all the heckling I've taken and seen handed out to many others of musical inspiration other than the current mode of acceptability, I'm happy to let other people pursue their individual taste. And just as Nickelback represents the nadir of music, Westboro speaks to me of all that is wrong with religion and social attitudes. Now can we get Nickelback and a gaggle of their most rabid fans locked in a neutral site with those of the Westboro congregation and then just ignore them? This conflict appears from a distance like a microcosmic examplar of much of what happens on the world stage where there is no right, just wrongs at war with each other. It's a sad distraction from what should be the central business of society.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure Nickelback drummed this whole thing up to get their names in the papers.

nazz nomad

kootcoot said...

I have no problem with boycotting Nickelback, I do it personally, being a musician and liking actual music and all - and was rooting for the folks in Detroit who would have preferred Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger or any of the MoTown crew. But to boycott them because they are fags or fag enablers or whatever their incoherent reason is, is beyond comprehension. Talk about cognitive dissonance, much?

These are the same guys that show up at funerals for dead returning soldiers from Irag and Afghanistan and harass the grieving families, if I'm not mistaken, I guess that is because they were defending gay Americans as well as assholes!