Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buy Really High + Sell Really Low = Costs Us Billions


BC Hydro.....

Buying power from IPP's at guaranteed rates that are three to five, and sometimes even ten, times market rates.

In other words, buy high (with our money) and sell low.

Which, as Norm Farrell made clear the other day, is going to cost us at least $1.3 billion dollars, just in the short term.

Which, of course, is a number that just happens to be pretty darned close to the total of the FedCon HST bribe that we have been hearing we, the people, must repay with disastrous results because we, ourselves, are so dumb and so stupid.



Of course it takes incentives to build new industries.

I get that.

But this short, medium, and very (two generations) long 'Gouging by the Cronies'  for very questionable results that are also leading to a whole lot of raping of rivers for absolutely no good reason at all is just beyond the pale.

Especially when anyone who raises their voice in dissent is constantly shouted down by the Fluffers whose job it is to tell we, the people who are being gouged, that we must raise more revenue by taking more strips off of our own backs to pay for services that we the people actually use and pay for.


You can read the exchange that Dippers ADix and JHorgan had with RColeman of the Crony-Campbell-Clark-BirdmanNeverEndingHSTPromotionalHochsteinSuperPacParty-Party yesterday in The Ledge on this matter on Scott Simpson's VSun Blog, here.



cfvua said...

We tried to tell them that this would happen, they said no it won't.
Now it is happening, and they try to deny it.
Looks like maybe the only stupid thing we did was allow them to be re-elected, but then they didn't tell us everything we needed to know to make a valid decision did they?
The "I Told You So" list is turning into a very large volume read with these people.

RossK said...



And Rafe Mair and Damien Gillis, et al. have really been on this one from the beginning.