Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Trees, And Apples Falling....And All That.


When I was a kid, heading down to Douglas Street to watch the big spring parade was a really big deal.

For all kinds of reasons.

Including the fact that it really was the beginning of the end of school.

And the beginning of summer soon to come that, viewed from the perspective of Victoria Day in Victoria at least, looked like it would never end.


Bigger E. will not be going to watch the Victoria Day parade this weekend.

But she will be watching parades pass by.

Parades of her own making.

Here's a note she wrote about the one she made yesterday:

....Earlier in the day, when I was playing next to the pizza place, an old man threw some jingle in my case and proclaimed (in a heavy Italian accent) "You are amazing! Standing here and doing this..." Y'know, sometimes on a Sunny Saturday, that's all a girl needs to hear...


E. will take a wee break from making musical parades today to help me with something.

We're going to try and record a re-worked Phil Ochs tune that I've been fiddling with for quite awhile now, but haven't been able to quite right on my own.

Hopefully, we'll have something for you all later on that front.



Danneau said...

What a rewarding project, both as to process and outcome. Can't wait to see the final product.

RossK said...

Working on it Danneau--

Still snapping with the crappy camera, too (see next post, upthread)


lenin's ghost said...

this is how you heal, my friend!

RossK said...

Thanks lg.

Either that, or I take the whackadoodle down to the tennis courts with a hockey stick and a bucket of tennis balls and let her go bonkers chasing down a barrage of snapshots high into the far corner...

Come to think of it, maybe I should do that regardless.