Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sometimes A Header Is Just A Header...

...And Sometimes It Is Pure, Unadulterated Codswallop.

You heard about the latest poll from Angus-Reid, right?

You know, the one that has the Dippers at 50%, which is an historical high that hardly anybody, never mind the NDP, ever hits in the province of British Columbia. It also puts the BC NDP 27% ahead of the Campbell/Clark/NeverEndingHST-Promotional-HochsteinSuperPac-Party-Party.


You read that right.

According to Angus-Reid the NDP are 27% percent ahead.

And that lead (yes, the lead!) is 4% more support than the entire CCNEHST-Promotional-Hochstein-SuperPacParty-Party even has (ie. 23%).

And that lead is 8% more than all the support the Party led by the Curmudgeon is leading has, in total (ie. 19%).



Given all that, what do you think the Globe and (NoLongerEmpire) Mail ran with as a header above a bit of pretty much straight-up bit of stenography from Ian Bailey yesterday?


How about this:

"Prospect of 'free enterprise coalition' scales back B.C. NDP's lead."


If you want some real analysis, rose-coloured Dipper Orange-Crushified though it might be, head on over to Ian Reid's place...I found Ian's discussion of the gender-splits against the Snook particularly interesting....Perhaps they explain the new-fangled Buddy Holly/Declan McManus 'punky-but-nerdy-smart' look dreamed up by the Wizardry?....Sheesh...What's next....The Birdman as Rivers Cuomo?....
And one last thing...We have it on the very best of authorities that there is absolutely no truth to that most scurrilous of rumours that the AG/SG is constantly trying to figure out which DEVO Hat she should wear on any given day...The red one...or...The blue one....



Eleanor Gregory said...

I found the comments of Angus Reid's VP Mario Canseco, as quoted in Jeff Lee's article in the Sun, insightful. Canseco said that "it will be difficult for any centre-right coalition to secure most of that undecided vote". I also liked Canseco's comment about "if, if, if' - 'if" questions in political polls.

kootcoot said...

I can't imagine the mental contortions one must indulge in to come up with that lead to those facts, un-effing-believable! Hurry up a get yer new paywall up so I don't even have to see ya'll!

North Van's Grumps said...

Angus Reid polling is presented on "The Ides of May" and still the BC Liberal dictator claims she has a great chance to form a new government in 2013.

electoralreformordie said...

This is a good indicator of the public mood but anything can happen and the electorate has already proven that three times.

As for the Globe and Mails inability to give good head its absolutely believable. The MSM will be starting their own election campaign soon That's why the dippers must stay the course.

The dippers better have an election plan that brings out the youth vote, just in case.

RossK said...

Good points er--

Can you tell us a little more about the youth vote plan?

Has there been any success on that front in BC provincial politics in the past?

I guess I could imagine going whole hog early and often on enviro stuff maybe making the nut, which was clearly kiboshed last time due to the great bamboozlement...


RossK said...

And, grudgingly, given the trumpeting of the bogus 'Anton will Win!' internal poll in the last civic election, I must admit that Mr. Lee's piece on this was solid.

(and the headline was appropriate given the poll's major finding)

Thanks for pointing us towards it Eleanor.

Here's the link in case anyone hasn't had a look at it yet.