Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excuse Me While I Take A Little Break...



Update: At bottom of post

I think I've been paying a little too much attention the last few weeks and it has finally gotten to me.

The straw that broke the back of the imaginary heffalump, that, by all accounts has never, ever been beaten by the Nanny of the uncle's cousin's wife of a former denizen of Spam-A-Lot, was this. 

It's all explained in just enough detail here and here to make me (almost) think that the Codswallopanarianists might actually winning.

And that's not even the serious stuff like, say, this.

I'll be back in awhile.


Update: just a short note of thanks to all the folks who took the time to comment....I really apologize for leaving you all hanging....Everything's fine...I just found myself losing my sense of humour with the poli-blogging a little...And when that happens I've learned it's time to take a bit of a break....Otherwise I find myself becoming  just another perspectiveless screamer, which is no fun, and almost always counter-productive...Thanks again for the wonderful comments. That really was most unexpected and, to be honest, kind of floored me a little.



pogge said...

There is something to be said for pacing yourself.

Dana said...

There's even more to be said for avoiding being disappeared off the street. We're not that far away from the first one happening. Mind you, given the nature of the national media it may have already happened and it has been decided that it's not "news".

Ian said...

Yea it gets you down. But, conversely your work gets them kicked out of town. All the free msm media, secret funding and in the know contacts couldn't get Mike K elected.

Maybe it has to do with credibility. Ezra and Mike rant and rave but Northern Gateway is plummeting in the polls as is the woman Mike helped make Premier.

And people like you are a big reason. Unlike Mike you don't take under the table money. You just call it like you see it, with that big brain of yours.

spartikus said...

to make me (almost) think that the Codswallopanarianists might actually winning.

Personally I'm of the opinion Mr. Klassen's latest is the pinacle of CityCaucus technology. It's got everything - the concerned tone lamenting the loss of all that is decent, self-proclaimed victory based on cum hoc ergo propter hoc, a victory based on the theorized actions of a multiple convicted libeler.

And of course the spectacular own goal where Mike fails to notice the Tyee's donation button his own animated gif.

That is some special citizen-journalism right there.

As I think we've seen in the U.S. over the last decade this sort of Breibartism only works with the base. And a small rabid part of the base to boot.

kootcoot said...

I hear you Ross, I've at least twice in the last year or two taken extended sabbaticals, because either it seems useless to care or that one should be preparing for revolution.

As I've mentioned before, I'm awed that you find the time and energy to see what you see and say what you say with all the other stuff on your plate and if and when you're back, I'll be glad to see you.

sassy said...

It's wearing/draining and speaking for myself. sometimes I need to turn away for a time.

Wishing for you, a warm west coast break, and wishing for me and other readers, your eventual return.

Don F. said...

Ross, It certainly comes at a price this caring. A price only few have to pay and receive little in return.
We only have to look to our children though to realize that indeed we must continue.
There is releif in knowing others share the cost with us and we are not alone.
I get angry because in this world it it hard enough to walk straight and try to do things responsibly without being attacked and fighting at every turn which seems to be moreso the case everyday.
I appreciate you doing what you do and understand it must be done at your pace.

Kim said...

Ross K. I too, have to turn my back from time to time. Sleepless nights, anxiety, stomach in knots? Time to hit the beach with the uke and love your family. For me, it's the hands in the soil, face to the sun and living in the moment. Things tend to look their darkest just before dawn. Peace brother, and my thanks for all that you do.

Bill said...

Ross you are excused. Take a break for awhile and recharge your batteries. If anyone deserves a break - you have certainly earned one. I am sure there is a cost to all the "paying too close attention".

I must say (rather selfishly) that I will very much be looking forward to any and all future posts, if and whenever you produce them. Your prolific posts on - politics, premiers(not), pedals, music, family, work, in fact all topics (and links) are really most appreciated. Thank you and take care.

Chris said...

Peace, dude.
And lots of pleasant tunes.

cfvua said...

Hey friend, if I can call you that. I will await your return with your brand of insight and connection to the way things really are. Never, ever think that what you do is of no value, as there are many of us that also seek the unspun truth and what will be good for our children.

off-the-radar said...

Hi Ross,
you've personally inspired me, made me braver and much more hopeful about getting to a sutainable honest good society. Because there are lot of good people in our province, who care and who do make a difference. Bloggers are our rallying points.

Sure hear you about needing breaks. For me it's reconnecting with nature. Take care, enjoy the music hope to see you back. (You have a huge "multiplier effect" in strengthening citizens). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

With your writings, you've expanded my world.
Thank you!

Norm Farrell said...

Your unconventional style, wide ranging interests, intelligence, humour and humanitarian outlook make this a must-read blog. Your work also inspires me to be part of the online community and I think, collectively, we are making a difference in the political scene of British Columbia.

I'm sure that your blog, like Northern Insights, is widely read in government offices. We can see from our reader stats that many, many people in government are paying attention. I hope they are learning something.

Take time to refresh, then please come back strong. Your contributions are too important to be lost.

lynx said...

Your engaging and well-researched blog has a wonderful combination of serious playfulness... or is it playful seriousness? In any case this is a very special runway to land on.

Your work is much appreciated...

Many thanks.....

lenin's ghost said...

hope things are mellowing for you, Ross.
I completely understand. It can feel kinda pointless at times.
In the past I was more active in the blogosphere, evening considering my own blog.......but I started feeling like I was screaming into a gale force wind for no reason.
This is why I keep my distance currrntly.
You post a lot and possibly too much at times.
The Billmon days showed us how writers can burn out or stress out or just need a break.

Do what is best for you and yours and understand that you owe nothing to any of us......aqnd thx for everything, Ross.