Friday, October 16, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different...Seven Minutes Of Hunter Thompson, Sans Gonzo.


Yes, that's right.

It's vintage 1967 Thompson with Kitty Carlisle et al. on 'What's My Line'.

And he doesn't fool anyone.

But the $150 he takes home is probably more than he made on that bloody motorcycle gang book a few years before he went to work for Jann Wenner and wrote that 'other' book...

Tip O' The Toque, as is so often the case for all things interesting on the YouTube, to 'Open Culture'.
This would have been the same year that Thompson told Lewis Nichols of the Times, who asked him what separated him from the Angels, that he had a gimmick. Specifically, that he could....Write.
HST Fridays you may be asking?....Well, it was a regular feature bakc in the dinosaur days (i.e. pre Haloscan's demise which means the huge comment threads are all done gone) 'round here....You can see some of the old bits....Here.
And, ya, I am procrastinating on my doing that riding-by-riding handicapping...


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