Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#Elxn42....Has Mr. Harper's (Un)Fair Elections Act Created Two Classes Of Citizens At The Polling Station?


It would appear to be thus.

How else to explain...





mizkitty said...

Sounds fair to me. When I voted Friday (2 HR wait)the people without their Information Cards had to fill out extra paperwork.

Makes perfect sense to have a separate line for people without ID or registration cards...

RossK said...

Point being, there is no reason to have such and foofooral for absolutely anybody given the total lack of evidence of any widespread voter fraud whatsoever.

Old days, without reg. card you gave them name and address they looked you up, ran a line through your info in the book and away you went...Even without ID the vouching process was, essentially quick and painless and fast.

Essentially, now the 'good' citizens get a free pass and don't have to feel any pain for this voter suppression of the 'other' strategy.


Anonymous said...


JasonS said...

Well i can say that i have voted in every election provincial and federal since i have been eligible and this is the first time i have been lets say cautious and observant of everything i could see. This government will do anything to stay in power and election fraud would be no exception. Just another reason our shiny little dictator to be dragged kicking and screaming from the capital . But hey ... we will talk again tomorrow.