Tuesday, October 06, 2015

#Elxn42...Why Stealth-Cons Should Be (Not) Seen And Not Heard.


Jennifer Ditchburn of the CP has the story.

All you need is her lede:

A Conservative candidate in suburban Toronto is defending therapies that attempt to turn gays straight, having penned an editorial that referred to homosexuality as "unnatural behaviour" and heterosexuals as "normal."...

Just to be clear here...

An editorial is still not considered to be the same thing as errant tweet.




Anonymous said...

18+ vote


Anonymous said...

What a shameful episode! I thought the Con's and their Aussie attack strategist had already bottomed out with the niquab nonsense. But I guess not.

RossK said...


It would now appear that this particular not-quite stealthfull enough Con is...



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Anonymous said...

@ 8:39 ANON - At least in Australia they have found some folks willing to stand up against their irrational leadership...

Royal Children's Hospital doctors refuse to return children to detention

Defying new federal laws threatening two years' jail for health workers who speak out against immigration detention centre conditions, more than 400 of the hospital's doctors stood together on Friday demanding children be released from detention.

"We see a whole range of physical, mental, emotional and social disturbances that are really severe and we have no hope of improving these things when we have to discharge our patients back into detention".