Thursday, October 01, 2015

#Elxn42....Scared Stra(igh)t!

Because if the Tweet above doesn't scare the crap out of you, it's entirely possible that absolutely nothing will.

And with that, we bring you solace (i.e. riding-specific numbers) from the folks at the Dogwood Initiative by way of Insights West that will give some of you out there a clear path to Con-Stopping (i.e. this is a place for Dippers and Greeniacs to do the right thing).


And don't get me wrong... Like Mr. Beer 'N Hockey, in the end I truly believe in voting for the good guys for all the right, and most important reasons....It's just that to get there I have concluded that, for this election at least, we, the majority have to try and take things out of the hands of the party.



Anonymous said...

I could be wrong (time will tell) but somehow I believe the Tories will win the election. Canadians much like voters in BC are afraid of change. Maybe they're just too lazy to work the brain and will therefor just vote for the devil they know.
The media & political ads are saying don't trust the NDP. Now how long ago did the NDP rule Canada ? We know the answer to that, but advertising is suggesting the NDP will make the same mistakes they did before. And when you add the Liberals in that context, then voters will assume both the Liberals & NDP are part of a government they don't want to repeat.
Here in BC, when the Liberals proclaim over & over again that they support Site C and the NDP are against jobs, that message will carry to the Federal election.
Why can't the NDP just approve everything based on 5 conditions ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I've been saying, I think the Cons will win a majority. Why I believe this is not because I think they are the better party at all, I believe they know exactly what they are doing to win another majority, they have the money from corporations and oil companies behind them, the amount of time they've given themselves to do it in this election, the TV and radio ad bombardments, ignorant voters/lazy voters, etc.

The parties that win elections, especially majorities, has nothing to do with being the better party or better politicians, that they have real concern for the country and its citizens. They have mastered the art of mind control / how the game is played, what it takes. Just like all the polls around right now, I've noticed especially since this new Auzzie guy came to help Harper, suddenly all the polls are looking favourable to the Cons. This is old hat. Keep telling Canadians that the Cons are looking like the better party, the others are not, repeat it, repeat it, and MSM watchers are now saying, the ones who have practically zero critical thinking skills, ohhh golly gee, since I'm hearing this over and over, I better not vote Lib or NDP, sounds like the Cons are the better choice. Life's not fair so our mothers all told us. Correct!

John's aghast said...

In spite of that, I'm voting 'Strategically', and that excludes the PCP.

Anonymous said...

I am voting strategically and giving money strategically to both NDP here and Liberals in Ontario who could win in swing ridings.

And while I am voting NDP this election,it will probably be Green next federal. Mulcair's Tony Blair impression is less than impressive. For f*** sake where is our Canadian Bernie Sanders?! Elizabeth May just needs to dump some of the "free market" crap because corporate capitalism is murdering the environment and any type of decent, caring society.

I am really, really afraid that Harper will win with a majority. The Unfair Elections Act and the huge voting process outlined by Elections Canada and the screw up with polling places is going to discourage a lot of non-Con voters.

I just don't understand. Don't Canadians realize they could be deported to a foreign country if they do anything that the Harper Cons don't like? like protesting? bird watching? opposing Con policies? And any Canadian is vulnerable who has a grandparent born outside of Canada!! Canadians are willing to entrench a police state to ban the niquab?! wtf???


sd said...

That chart scares the hell out of me.Crusty again then harpie again?Oh my gawd,here in Mission we have randy hee-hawes again as mayor.I feel like I fell into the hot tub time machine.