Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This Day (We're Still) In Clarkland...Document Dump Redux.


The office of British Columbia's Representative for Children and Youth released a report on May 14th, 2015 that started like this:

This report documents the downward spiral of a child who had great potential but never received the protection, nurturing and care she needed and deserved. Professional indifference to her life circumstances continually left her – and at times even actively placed her – in harm’s way...

And, surprise!, the government of Clarklandia released a response five months and four days later.

Which just happened to be yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon to be more precise.

One hour before the reporting of the Federal election results began to be even more precise.


I wonder what Ron Obvious thinks of that.



Lew said...

Looks like the new guy in the MFCD spin department isn’t any better at putting lipstick on a pig than he was at journalism.

RossK said...


Interestingly, that particular new wizard's former employer is kinda/sorta/almost making a wee bit of fuss about the timing of the dump.

e.a.f. said...

now if we could just unload Christy and her crew, Canada might be a much better place. Just another disgusting act by a disgusting government which doesn't care about children. Christy just cares about her LNG and let the kids who aren't her's die in the streets. Might sound harsh, but really, nothing has been done to improve the lives of children in this province since the B.C. Lieberals took office. Things just got worse

sd said...

Smoke and mirrors! They said last month that they put a rapid response team in place because they had a "meeting". Now they have announced it again. B.S. But you know that in EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL there are kids hungry,dealing with poverty, mental issues, broken homes but they are not being cared for either.When I retired part of the reason was I couldn't cope anymore with the continued reduction in resources for kids with special needs and designations that has happened over the last 15 years.Half of my students were single parent and living below the poverty line.I can understand the frustration of front line social workers. The government praises them for outstanding effort ,just like they praise the education system while continually stripping away resources and failing to properly staff and fund both institutions.

RossK said...

Thanks e.a.f.--



When I read of laments like yours from folks on the front lines it just drives me crazy to think of the $10 billion that will be spent on Site C...I mean, think of the literally thousands of permanent 'good jobs' we generate have if we invested our money into helping ALL of our kids....And think of the true good we would do as well....It's a win-win that is being thrown away for a Sparkle Pony pipe dream.



RossK said...

And I could say the same thing about money thown away for Ice-Bomb bridges foisted upon us by so-called (and self-appointed) 'protectors' of the taxpayers.



This one.


sd said...

I had to laugh at astro turf cause I'm watching the Jay's right now.They're up 6-0.At least I'm not missing any baseball now that I'm retired

RossK said...


Saw the beginning of yesterday's disaster because young kid colleagues took me out for my old guy birthday lunch over at the new (and still gleaming) student union 'round here.

Today...missed it all.


sd said...

Happy belated Birthday Ross!