Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#Elxn42...Making The Hard (Anti-Con) Choice In North Burnaby Seymour.


Some of the folks that worked hardest to fight the pipeline on Burnaby Mountain have made the tough decision to go Dipper.

That includes well known Lotuslandian environmentalist Ben West, quoted here by the Burnaby Now's Jennifer Moreau:

..."(The NDP's Carol Baird Ellan) probably has the best chance of beating the Conservatives in that riding, but I got to say I find this election pretty stressful. I have a lot of love for (anti-pipeline activist and Green Party candidate) Lynne (Quarmby), and as a former Green organizer, I definitely don’t take it lightly to overlook Green candidates,” he (West) said, adding vote splitting is a concern...


It all comes down to riding-specific numbers.

Because the key here in Lotusland is going to be delivering non-CPC seats, regardless whose running in a particular riding which, it would appear, even the Keef now (kinda/sorta) seems to understand.


The last set of riding-specific numbers for Burnaby North Seymour which essentially show that a vote for the Green Party candidate in that riding is a vote for the Conservatives can be found here (scroll down)...Now...Should your non-Green vote really go Dipper given the rising fortunes of the Liberals...I think we'll need one last riding-specific poll before that call can be made... 



North Van's Grumps said...

Way, Way of topic here but if you are concerned about Harper's CSIS resources, and his PMO staff, don't think you can hide your face in a crowd, anymore, nor at a Election Rally for the opposition.

Eg Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver:


RossK said...


That is some resolution.