Thursday, October 15, 2015

#Elxn42...It's Getting Down To Nut-Cutting Time For Strategic Voters In British Columbia..


Updated: Thurs Oct 15th....I'll have a more comprehensive BC-wide overview on the weekend...In the meantime, someone has made a fantastic Wiki-Page which keeps track of all the riding-specific polling countrywide...Here.

The folks at LeadNow have made a select number of strategic voting recommendations based on riding-specific polling numbers that tell them that a vote for any other candidate is a potential vote for the Conservatives.

And it's important to note that they are telling we, the majority that make up the Con-Stoppers, to go all in for eight Dippers and eight Liberals Canada-wide.

In British Columbia it's a different story, again based purely on the numbers...


Many folks might be thinking that Mr. Trudeau is going to win so why bother.


If you really feel that way you should go read Eric Grenier's latest, because he who keeps track of multiple polls closest does his best to make a prediction but, in the end, gives up because it's still too close to call.


And what about the Lotuslandian ridings not on the above list?....They, I think are going to have to wait...For example, it looks like VanGranville, based on multiple polls, is a statistical Non-Con dead-heat between the Liberal and the Dipper...



Anonymous said...

A: No concrete evidence that the Liberals are going to win.
B: Prince George-Cariboo looks like a possible pickup for the NDP.

Anonymous said...

I voted strategically when I registered two weeks ago in North Island - Powell River :P

And it's great to be home :D


Anonymous said...

I also voted strategically in my riding (North Island - Powell River). I only had to wait in line 22 minutes. There was a good turnout, even though it was a holiday weekend. Great to see so many folks getting out to vote.

RossK said...


Both points taken.



Great to have you home!!!



Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you didn't have to deal with big lines.


Chuckstraight said...

Never been polled in my life. Wonder how accurate they can be anyways.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the crony capitalist Media are afraid of strategic voting...

The Vancouver Sun is saying it is risky and not really democratic.

If Harperman is re-elected you will probably end up on an enemies list for having suggested it.

RossK said...


For this strategic voting thing riding-specific polls really do matter.

In fact, one of them helped voters do the right thing in Esquimalt in 2011.



Ya, I saw that...The header was the real kicker (much more fear-inducing than the actual story by Peter O'Neill)

Will try to have something up later today.

As for the enemies list thing...Well...Like a whole lotta good people said in the age of Nixon, including the good Docktor,....They were disappointed when Daniel Schorr read it out while on the TeeVee and found out that they were NOT on it.