Saturday, October 03, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...In Which Norm Farrell Tells Us How To Shake Things Up At BC Hydro.


Mr. Farrell has a heckfire of an idea:

Opposition parties in BC ought to create a set of hearings to conduct a thorough PUBLIC examination of independent power contracts, alternative less-destructive energy sources and the state and future of BC Hydro.

MLAs should try to initiate the examination as a committee of the legislature and when Liberals refuse to participate, cross the street to a public place and begin hearings. Leave empty chairs for Liberals.

The Christy Clark Government would try to ignore the event but the public would not and the corporate media could not, without destroying what little credibility they still have on matters of resources...

And later, in the comments Norm adds this important addendum:

...One of the reasons that IPPs wanted very long term contracts, is that it transferred all business risks to BC Hydro. If the energy market suddenly collapsed, IPPs would continue smiling. There was no good reason for BC Hydro to agree to long term deals that gave full protection to suppliers except the utility followed directives from corrupt mandarins and politicians. Managers at BC Hydro that saw the mistake were given a choice: stay silent and take rewards or leave now...

Can you imagine?



sd said...

I hope they take Norm's advice.I've said before we should crowdfund to put Norm's charts on billboards around to wake people up.Crusty is already crafting the "NDP are against jobs" strategy to use in the next election and to get public support for site c.

RossK said...


I think Norm just may have a crowd source thingy comin'.