Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#Elxn42: Ewwwwwwwwww, What's That Smell....

...Desperation Perhaps?

Tondra MacCharles of the TorStar has the story. Here is her lede and a wee bit more:

Conservative leader Stephen Harper drew on the populist appeal of Rob and Doug Ford to shore up two GTA battleground ridings Tuesday as his campaign moved along at a snail’s pace compared those of his rivals.

Harper didn’t shake the Ford brothers’ hands, acknowledge their presence or hail their support publicly.

Yet Doug Ford vigorously defended the federal Conservative campaign, said he wouldn’t change a thing about it, and declared the large crowds at Liberal political events do not show the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has momentum.

Just before Harper’s event got underway, Ford told reporters to pay no attention to the small crowds at Harper’s campaign stops in the past two days, which have not featured rallies...


...The Ford brothers’ appearance sparked more cheers from the gathering of little more than 100 partisan volunteers and organizers than the introduction of Etobicoke Centre MP Ted Opitz....


Is it possible that Mr. Harper has come to the realization that, while he desperately needs all of it, his base just may not be enough to hold on to Southern Ontario?


Why not just go all in with Robbie 'n Doug?

Heckfire, I bet they would both be great fun to have on the campaign plane 24/7 for the next week or so.

And, ya...The earworm (not to mention a good chunk of the lyrical hook) in the header is...Skynyrd.



Grant G said...

Perhaps you should look at this Mr. K..


Trudeau up by 13 points in Ontario, he`s polling at 45%....Harper at 32%..

Atlantic Canada..Trudeau big...Ontario, Trudeau big..

Quebec a two-way battle between NDP and Trudeau... Harper is fading in Quebec..

BC is the wildcard...Trudeau doesn`t need that much support.

The interesting part of that Nanos poll is the second choice, ...Conservatives have no way to increase their numbers...NDPer`s second choice is Libs..Vice versa Liberal voter second choice NDP...Green voter second choice is Lib/NDP....

Conservative voter`s second choice is big-time Liberal, NDP doesn`t fare-well in that scenario.

If this trend continues, Trudeau might get close to the big brass majority..

I wonder what would happen if Trudeau came up two seats shy of a majority?

How many Belinda Stronach(ian)types might be floundering about parliament looking for a soft wet muddy abode to call home...


RossK said...


Have to agree with you that the Ontario numbers appear to have solidified for Mr. Trudeau as you called some time ago now...


I think it would be foolish of us to be counting on anything in terms of an ultimate result at this time (especially given the potential for monkey business monkeying-up the final numbers).

Which, given the stakes, is why I am a still a non-demoninational strat voting enthusiast, including in B.C.


RossK said...

...And then there is Eric Grenier's latest in which he goes 'round 'n round and essentially ends up back where he started by saying he doesn't know what the heck is going to happen yet.


Grant G said...

Yea...I went out on a limb early in the game in predicting Trudeau in a romp(My last Posting)...I have cast a ballot at advance poll..Voted NDP(Strategic voting)

Like I said...I`m Liberal/NDP neutral..Am totally anti-Harper..

As an aside....I have listened to many recent campaign rallies...Mulcair and Harper seem very graspy, for anything..

RossK said...

Thanks, as always, GG.