Thursday, October 15, 2015

#Elxn42: In Which Mr. Harper Doubles Down On The Hookers And Heroin Smear.


Like I said yesterday, it's clear that the fine folks who are bent on destroying our country so that they can then rule over the rubble test drove this thing when they had Jason Kenney babble on about it as a one-off a couple of weeks ago.

And, clearly, they must have gotten the focus group-driven response they wanted from the tiny sliver of the citizenry that they think they can scare the bejeezus out of for no good reason at all, despite what the majority, medical science, and/or the Supreme Court of Canada have to say.

Otherwise, why would their (only?) candidate run towards it as fast as he can as noted by the MoCo:

Stephen Harper is defending a Conservative ad campaign targeted at Chinese and Punjabi-speaking voters in Vancouver and Toronto that claims Justin Trudeau supports the sale of marijuana to children, the expansion of safe injection sites and the establishment of neighbourhood brothels.

A spokesperson for the Conservative leader said the party doesn't comment on its advertising strategies, but Harper defended the campaign.

"Justin [Trudeau] refuses to acknowledge the damage that drugs do to families and communities," Harper, referring to the Liberal leader, said in a written statement from his office.

"He wants to allow the sale of marijuana in corner stores and increase the number of heroin injection sites, dangerously misguided policies that would only make drugs more accessible to our children."...

All being done, of course, while he and his flit around the 905 Belt with a crack thug that people actually should be scared of at his side.

I despair.

Folks have been E-mailing asking about further Strategic Voting suggestions...I'm waiting until the weekend when I plan to have something comprehensive up...Day job and all that (plus I want to see if there are any last minute polls worth considering)...Again, though, as I said yesterday....Don't let Vancouver Granville scare you just because it is too close to call...Why?... Because there are many other ridings in British Columbia where the situation is already crystal clear....OK?



sd said...

Crusty and her crew did this in the last election here in B.C.

RossK said...



And who ran that campaign for her?


sd said...


Anonymous said...


RossK said...

Well, from a 'messaging and strategy' point of view...

...This fine fellow.


J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

I guess Ken grabbed everything in sight!!!!

Don F. said...

I think if I am following the conservative and Mr Harper's thought process properly is that it is just a given that if you legalize Pot then it follows that Heroin use naturally skyrocket. This will without a doubt naturally require more safe injection sites, probably one per block in a city such as Vancouver.
Now if you couple that with legal prostitution we will have, because of Mr. Trudeau, more addicted prostitutes who will have to be housed because of their numbers. They will need access to safe injection sights so there will be a brothel on probably every block in a city such as Vancouver.
This of course flies in the face of all that is Canadian because in Canada it is not illegal to sell sex but only to buy sex. Get it?

RossK said...

J MacDuff--

And then there is that training 'school' located at that finest of the fine Institute run by that ultra-fine fellow who once called Ms. Clark the 'Iron Snowbird' because she is a cross between Margaret Thatcher and Anne Murray.

Or some such thing.

(sorry for the mental image Mr. Beer 'N Hockey)

RossK said...


The mind literally reels.

Of course, there is the opposite possibility...

Which is that Mr. Harper really knows that harm reduction works and that, if deployed fully would remove a wedge issue from his soul destroying oeuvre of campaign weaponry designed to slice 'n dice the citizenry into tiny chunks of quivering hash (not the drug).

Not that a true Straussian would think that way or anything.


Grant G said...

Mr. K.....Have you ever times in your life when everything you look at is crystal clear..

Doubling down on dirt you say.....

There is much more at play here, Harper has scared Canadians, not with ISIS or homegrown terrorist threats Harper scared the bejesus out of Canadians by exposing glimpses of HIS real self..

A soulless man devoid of worth, nothing left but discarded skin, Stephen Harper is windswept soil...

Doubling down on the dirt???? Hmmm..

My instincts tell me the electorate would rather live with marijuana, hookers and users than be governed by Stephen Joseph Harper..


Anonymous said...

last minute

MLAs next meet Friday in Vancouver, between 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Segal Building, 500 Granville St.

Speakers must register by emailing

RossK said...


This is pure slice 'n dice in certain ridings where the margin is slim enough and there are enough new stock Canadians his pollsters tell him this crap will bamboozle to get him a few ridings.

That's why he'll do this for South Van but get up on stage with the crack thug in suburban T.O.


Oh geez, these people really are shameless aren't they.

Wonder how many people would go to the LNG Sparkle Ponyfest if they weren't being paid.


Thanks Anon-Above (I think)


Anonymous said...

Harperman is staking his legacy on his mastery of economics, and still won't talk about *Dutch disease.

Look at this chart of the death of manufacturing jobs in Canada

And this one showing hiring rates across all sectors


*In economics, the Dutch disease is the apparent causal relationship between the increase in the economic development of a specific sector (for example natural resources) and a decline in other sectors (like the manufacturing sector or agriculture). -

Dutch disease - Wikipedia

RossK said...


Not only that....

Didn't Mr. Mulcair bring this up awhile back and get shot down, both from Mr. Harper and the very fine proMedia folks who work for bigCorp, for doing so?