Thursday, October 01, 2015

#Elxn42...Stealth-Con (Non) Sighting in Vancouver-Granville.


There was an all-candidates' held in the closely contested riding of Vancouver-Granville last weekend.

V-Granville is that part of central Lotusland that some have dubbed ground zero for those folks encouraging Strategic Voting in the coming federal election.


The image at the top of the post shows three of the riding's candidates (seated) and the moderator (standing). At the time the photo was snapped the moderator was telling the audience that the fourth candidate, who just 'happened' to be from the Conservative Party of Canada, had not responded to an invitation to attend.

Not that actively avoiding public scrutiny and/or interaction is a CPC election strategy or anything.


Our source, who wishes to remain anonymized, let us know that they stayed until the bitter end of the meeting and confirmed that the Stealth-Con most definitely did not show its face.



scotty on denman said...

I'm hearing that Mira Orec is outshining the candidates who do show up. She has come from behind and I'm hoping this momentum will contribute to making the strategic choice more easily discernible than it has been in this tight riding. Besides, she's an extremely well put-out candidate.

Conservative no-show? So what else's new? Their campaign's been bunkerized from the git-go.

But I must say I was astounded that my MP John Duncan actually did show up to an all-candidates' show on the West Coast---something he's never done where I live (and where the other candidate do show up).

This kind of Con-sighting is so rare in these parts one wonders want would motivate it; I suspect the attendees might have been so stunned by the sighting, then absolutely gobsmacked the great auk actually spoke words in response to a question, that they mightn't have immediately appreciated whether Duncan's remarks were deployed by calculation or by mistake: on the question of impoverished, remote First Nations communities, he explained FNs were on their own, that it wasn't his government's job to assist in this area…(!)

Duncan's physical presence was so conspicuous it occurs that his comments were intended to shore up elements of the Con base who support this unconstitutional abrogation of federal responsibility---they're a gullible lot who once believed their leader's assertion that the government had fulfilled its obligation to consult meaningfully with non-treaty BC FNs until SCoC decisions put paid to the fairy tale.

On the other hand, this is the same Duncan who ministered over the smear job of Attawapiskat, only to resign when it fomented Idle-No-More and got too hard for him to handle. Otherwise he's only known for assiduous loyalty to whomever leads him, Manning, Day, or Harper, a fairly lacklustre performer.

Curious how he ended up in the least Con-friendly of the two newly gerrymandered ridings. He's depended at least twice on Green vote-splitting to put him over the top in the old swing riding. It's much different now, not just the gerrymander, but the very real threat of SV growing daily.

I'm hoping our Gord Johns will be joining Van-Gran's Mira Orec in Ottawa---he's the SV choice.

e.a.f. said...

Yes, Gord Johns will be a good choice. the splitting of the riding made no sense unless the Cons thought this was the best chance for old John to get re elected. Half of the old riding, Comox is with Powell River, and the other half, Courtenay/Cumberland all the way down to Qualiquam. What gives with that? It most likely gives John Duncan his best chance of being re-elected. A waste of space and air if I ever saw it.

Sends out weird questionnaires. Ignores the F.N. in the riding and the Veterans. along with the rest of us. His ad in the Nanaimo paper was a real laugh, tooting the new Australian walk on ferry and how the Cons were putting money into it. Right, the Cons won't put a nickel into the B.C. Ferries, but along comes some Aussie, who wants to run a foot passenger ferry and they've got money for him, my tax dollars going to some Aussie corporations. Nice???? Then to top it of, Duncan's ad talks about how reasonably priced this walk on ferry will be. John's really out of touch. the fare, one way $80. Right now I' can get on the B.C. ferries with my car for less. John says it environmental, but offers no explaination. How will it be environmental. It will use gas/oil to run. It will use natural resources to be built, somewhere out of Canada. Canadians/Van-Islers have nothing to gain from this, but given John's boss, Steve just hired the lizard from oz to run his campaign, I can only conclude they decided to give them the ferries also. How long will it be before Steve's good friend, photo op Queen sells the B.C. ferries to the Aussie.

Now as to the claims of how fast this Aussie ferry can go, they forgot the dead heads in the water--check how many the FastCats hit. then go back and check about the problems of running the Fast Cats at high speeds. The wake caused problems for the shore lines and the Fast Cats had to be slowed down. Of course if the Cons are back in office, shore lines are not their problem. Let the beaches erode. They'll be covered in tar in the not so distant future anyhow