Tuesday, October 06, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Sparkle Ponies On Hold! (Again)


This time for as much as an additional five years.

Alexander Winifred of the The Malaysian Reserve (who knew!) has the story:

Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) is likely to defer commercial operations of its Canadian liquified natural gas (LNG) project to 2022 or 2024 as the depressed oil and gas (O&G) prices continue to shroud earnings prospects, analysts said....

But never mind all those non-existent jobs that have been promised every which way to a millenium of never ending Sundays...

Because, surprise!, suddenly we've got ourselves a passel of utterly useless red-tape-wrapped anti-red-tape legislation.

Which, apparently, makes Mike Smyth the arbiter of all things 'Mr Yes'.

Or some such bloody thing.


Tip-O'-The-Toque to Bob Mackin on the Twittmachine.



Scotty on denman said...

If we can't get rid of the BC Liberals by 20-whenever-the-freakin'-year-is, we are definitely freaked!

Solemnly signed contracts? Void them ('see ya in court where the breaches of public trust, and other irregularities, can be accounted for).

Red-tape taped in red? Let the ne'er-do-wells do a McGuffin search in their trick-or-treat bags.

Grant G said...

I believe The Straight Goods reported two months ago that Petronas`s project was cancelled, deferred, postponed, call it what you want..

Shhh...Don`t tell Rich Coleman and Christy.

Amazing, special summertime LNG ramma-jamma legislative sellout to a project 10 years out, maybe never..

BC`s domestic sleuthy at heart media darlings are rather silent..

RossK said...


Rather silent, indeed.



I say let them eat McGuffin-A-Rama-Lllama-Ding-Dongs!