Thursday, October 01, 2015

My Morning Ride.


Like snow, I like riding (carefully!) in the fog because it makes the world seem both closer and quieter somehow.


With two papers in, two grants in, one patent in, and a whole mess of new teaching done, it turns out that September was a pretty good (if somewhat exhausting) month.

But now that October has arrived, the opening of this year's 'Advent Jukebox' is only two months away.

Would'a thunk it!

When the fog breaks Bigger E. will be doing her thing down outside at Granville Island today...2pm at the Keg...3pm at the Plaza...4pm in the Market Courtyard (just outside the food court - best venue down there if you ask me)...5pm at Triangle Square.

Good: Billy Beane for being so good to Canada
Bad: The misinterpretation/co-optation/exploitation of the US second amendment
Ugly: That awful thing in Roseburg Oregon


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