Friday, October 02, 2015

#Elxn42...StratVoting The Stealth-Con In Nanaimo-LadySmith


Nanaimo-Ladysmith is one of the places where the good folks from Leadnow have raised citizen funds to pay for a riding-specific poll that was run by Insights West a couple of weeks ago (see image above).


A couple of things to consider here.

First is that this is analysis actually contains both decideds and leaners, so there is a softness to those numbers.

Second, last time around this riding was a lot closer than it was in the snapshot poll.

So it is really really important for folks who are not heart and soul decided but only leaning Liberal and (especially!) Green to think very, very carefully about NOT helping split the vote to potentially elect the Stealth-Con in their midst.


And, why exactly....

Have we decided that the CPC candidate in the riding, Mark MacDonald, is one more in an ever growing list of Stealth-Cons?

Well, it turns out that he was all lined-up to speak on a local talk show.

And then some folks, led by Tweeter/Blogger Robert Jago got to discussing calling in to ask questions.

And then, suddenly, the good Mr. MacDonald was gone from Talk Show's line up.




Anonymous said...

trust a no show.?dont vote for no shows .

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

At the rate things are going, Steve could continue living on the public nickel and wasting our money.

Interesting graph. it is to be hoped people have a good look at this. What is very critical is that people go out and vote.

Young people might want to consider voting soon and frequently. Now that the seniors out number them, politicians will pander to them. If young people don't want to live in one large seniors housing complex, get out and vote. Exercise you right to vote and make an impression. Seniors will be dead in the next 30 yrs, but they can ruin a lot of the world before then.

Over 65, but still progressive and concerned for the future of this country and earth.

Danneau said...

Paul Manly, Green candidate, is a wonderful guy, straight up, all the cred and none of the BS, but was rejected by the NDP because of some outspokenness on Israel (Dad was on the boat to beat the blockade, as he was also a former MP). This complicates people's voting intentions if they are aware. I'm not in this riding, but we also have a stand-up Green, but who really has little chance of winning. Makes voting easy here in Courtenay-Alberni.