Monday, October 05, 2015

#Elxn 42: Stephen Harper's Folksy Oct 5th/Two Weeks To Go Advertisement...

...In Which He Tells The Entire Country To 'Go Prop-13 Itself!'

Because that's what he promised with his "no-new-federal-taxes-of-any-kind-thousand-year-ham-stringing-us-all-up-forever-law".

I mean...

Given that, why didn't he also promise to make it a law that kittens will never die and that municipal off-loading will be dealt with by the flinging of new stock Canadians into pits of candy-coloured Listeria to raise funds to pay for the pushcarts that will replace all crumbling transit systems everywhere.

Not to mention all the sparkle pony dreams paid for with the crushed femurs of environmentalists too.



Snarkolpesy aside, this is rank insanity.

And you know what?

The befuddled proMedia in this country will keep on keepin' on with it's five docile questions a day and not call Mr. Harper out on any of it.

Which is what he's counting on to get to that magic 33% plus one.

I despair.

Honestly, I do.



Don F. said...

Ross check this out.

Anonymous said...


My aged parent is with you.

I want some of the happiness substance Steve was on during his "soothing" paid message from on high.

A lapsed Catholic, I am going to hope for Divine intervention. Heck, I'll even get down on my knees to pray for a miracle!

Every last person needs to find out if you can vote. At my earliest opportunity I am going have the folks at the advance poll check that I am still on the list and that I don't have to go to Prince George or some such place to vote.

Anonymous said...

SH @ RossK:

A little something to shift the gloom: Danny Williams goes for Harperman:

Anonymous said...

Harperman talks taxes on the day TPP is announced?
What a coincidence... nothing to see here folks... move along.

With two weeks to go it is time for Progressives to pivot off of their opposition blather. With TPP now firmly on the table there is no reason to hide the documents --> A vote for the Conservatives is a knife in your own back.

This election comes down to Citizens vs cleptocorpocronies.

Anonymous said...

SH: @ anon 5:12

Show down at Dodge.

Green Dream or Harper Nightmare?

Hugh said...

The TPP will only cost Canadian taxpayers $4.3 billion or so.

"Ottawa said Monday it will spend $4.3-billion over 15 years to compensate dairy, chicken and egg farmers, who are ceding what Canadian officials called “limited access” to their now highly protected markets under the TPP deal and the earlier free trade deal with Europe. The subsidies will “keep producers whole,” according to a government press release."

RossK said...

Thanks Everybody!

Was in the science geek bunker all day....Just starting to catch-up now, late Monday.


Anonymous said...

Lulymay said...

You get more tax breaks for contributing to the ReformaCons (or any political parties) than you do for contributing to a charitable organization. The Canada Revenue Agency has received a huge budget increase to audit charitable organization (that the Reformacons don't like). NAFTA chased most of the decent paying jobs that manufacturers provided out of the country and brought in all that Asian junk that we still pay the equivalent of U.S. dollars for. Anything we get from the U.S. that came from out of their country and is imported to Canada attracts huge tariffs (a piece of weaving cotton that I buy in the U.S. is less than $7 yd but is more than $18 meter in Canada. Free Trade Agreements, and consider those words to be an oxymoron, have never done anything but bring higher costs to the Canadian consumer. Now, we face dairy products full of growth hormones and will not even have the right to know the country of origin of any of the food products on grocery store shelves. It boggles the mind where this master of b.s. has taken us but he the audacity to 'promise' thousands of jobs by ??? was it 2024 or something. What a whackadoodle pile of ka ka.

RossK said...

Thanks Lulymay--

Excellent points.


Don't go comparing my puppy dog (a.k.a. The Whackadoodle) to that pile of ka ka.



Anonymous said...

One of my sons asked me how I was going to vote. I said the same way I always have, for the conservatives. Then he pointed out something to me. He says since I have been very small you have taught me to be honest. He says haven't the conservative party been convicted of election fraud, isn't that being dishonest. How can you trust them then? Well what an eye opener for me. He is totally correct how can I trust them. I will be voting for a different party this election. I was so proud of my 13 year old son.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Would I be wrong to assume that you are an actual 'progressive conservative'?

Regardless, I sure hope those folks who are/were are taking a hard look at the record of the folks that have, essentially, hijacked their party.