Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Elxn42: The Disenfranchising.


An old gradual student came by for a visit last week.

She's been out of the country for awhile, toiling away as a post-doctoral fellow south of the border at that fancy-schmancy private school not far from all that silicon and that so-called valley.


Here's the thing.

This kid, who is some kind of quasi-middle stock Canadian, has done very well for herself and has every intention of returning home when she's finished her training in the next year or so.

To be more specific...She was born in Canada, she went to school in Canada, she holds a Canadian passport, and she is living in the United States on a temporary visa while she finishes her science geek apprenticeship.


We were sitting around having coffee and kibbitzing after she gave us a seminar on Friday afternoon (she doesn't drink, so the gradual student keg was off-limits!) and we got to talking about local stuff.

She mentioned that her parents, who live in Richmond, we're going to vote CPC. As such she was all set to head on down to the advance poll the next morning to counter-act, as she called it, 'their wanton act of destruction'.


I think you can imagine her incredulity when we informed her of disenfranchisement.


Is this Canada?

Seriously, is it?


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